Using iDeals to save time during underwriting, due diligence, and planning | iDeals Virtual Data Room

Using iDeals to save time during underwriting, due diligence, and planning

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Using iDeals to save time during underwriting, due diligence, and planning

Unlocking exceptional growth through the right asset management opportunities

Based in Milan, Sagitta SGR is an AIFM asset management firm that has been part of the Arrow Global Group since 2018. It is a player specialized in managing illiquid alternative assets (NPL & UTP, real estate, and credit assets) and innovative funds inspired by ESG principles. 

The SGR has a flexible organizational structure, and it is authorized to manage real estate and securitized funds; debts, private equity, and direct lending investment funds.

When iDeals was recommended as a sophisticated digital virtual data room tool to handle their underwriting, due diligence, and planning activities, it was love at first sight.

The context

Now part of the Arrow Global Group, Sagitta SGR is a growing Italian asset management company focused on alternative and illiquid assets with a particular emphasis on the credit sector, non-performing assets, and all those situations in which an asset management activity is required to unlock or regenerate value.

The company has a sizable real estate portfolio, and investments in renewable energy, especially solar and infrastructure, and is currently raising different investment funds, such as its SGT CrescItalia Invoice Fund, an alternative closed-end investment fund dedicated to the invoice financing business reserved for professional investors.

Key challenges

Being responsible for privileged client information and case documentation, Sagitta had already been using various software applications to store and share data. But with their rapid expansion and more situations where it was necessary to share documentation internally and with third-party investors, they wanted a secure central document repository where it would be easy to store, manage, and share files. 

As well as giving clients access to: upload, edit, and review sensitive documents, Sagitta also wanted a modern digital solution that would give them complete control of their file management, plus the speed and flexibility to respond to the sudden twists and turns that are typical of their sector.

Once iDeals was recommended to them, they didn’t even look at other providers. As their Investment Analyst, Luigi Lovisetto explained, “we were happy with iDeals, and that’s what was important.”


Sagitta’s team really liked the design, and the platform seemed to offer everything they needed, namely:

  • The option to customize the landing pages and create a personalized and separated environment for each new client
  • A way to establish a safe and confidential environment to manage relationships with investors
  • Multiple data rooms with different permission levels that were easy to set
  • An automatic indexing system

The future

Over the past three years, the firm has experienced significant growth, and by the end of 2021, its assets under management were valued at approximately €1 billion. Sagitta now has eleven alternative investment funds under management, mainly represented by Private Debt Funds (€500m Aum) and Renewable Energy Infrastructure Funds (€250m Aum). 

In addition, the SGR manages Milano4You, Italy’s first “smart” housing development, combining digital technology, energy efficiency, architectural design, and nature. 

Using iDeals for these and new projects, their team will continue to be able to:

  • Grant hundreds of users different levels of access to information with no special training required
  • Centralize their document storage
  • Easily set permission levels to control who has access to what and when
  • Encrypt files to prevent them from being shared

Luigi commented, “it’s the perfect way to securely show the same file to each party that needs to access it.”

So, while the team was full of praise for the user-friendly approach, they never forget what matters most to them: “Security is always the first point because we really pay attention to it,” he concluded.

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