iDeals Virtual Data Room for real estate industry

Virtual Data Room for Real Estate

With iDeals Virtual Data Room, real estate professionals can do due diligence easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Project Management Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Project Management

Easy Project Management

Real estate managers, investors and brokers often need to do due diligence if it’s a case of:

  • Advisory services
  • Appraisal
  • Property exchange
  • Facilitating a sale
  • Facilitating a purchase

One of the key success factors of due diligence process is to keep it organized.

With iDeals Virtual Data Room dashboard, you can easily manage all your projects in one place. You can provide access to your due diligence documents for as many people as you like.

All your potential buyers can review those documents simultaneously without being aware of each other.

Real Estate Due Diligence Documents Real Estate Due Diligence Documents

Quick Upload and Structuring of Real Estate Documents

These are some typical documents that need to be uploaded to virtual data room for real estate audit.

These documents can be uploaded to iDeals Virtual Data Room just in a few minutes: with the bulk upload function it is as simple as it can be.

After the documents are uploaded, there is no need for wasting time on sorting them out.

You can download our free data room checklist with default real estate settings and start real estate due diligence straight away.

The bellow due diligence checklist includes the following items:

  • Acquisition Documents
  • Tenant and Lease Matters
  • Financial Matters
  • Title, Survey and Zoning Matters
  • Internal Procedures and Reporting
  • Litigation

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a perfect tool for various collaboration processes, such as:

Asset management

Exchanging information between asset managers and property managers so they can review documents in real time and keep track of financial matters and other aspects.

Portfolio management

Sharing documents with partners for making strategic decisions and diversifying investment risks.

Investor relations

Two-way interaction with institutional investors for reviewing financial performance matters.

Board communications

Secure information exchange between the members of board of directors.

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Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Tours Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Tours

Real Estate Virtual Tours

Video tours are now a modern trend in the real estate industry: giving potential buyers possibility to see everything they need via video tours can save lots of time and efforts.

In iDeals Virtual Data Room, you can attach your video presentation to other due diligence documents so your buyers can access all the necessary information at once.

Real Estate Due Diligence and Construction Documents Real Estate Due Diligence and Construction Documents

Construction Documents

Engineering plans, design and construction documents are also important part of due diligence documents that need to be carefully inspected.

Instead of providing printed copies, you can upload digital versions of engineering documents such as AutoCAD or CorelDraw files to iDeals Virtual Data Room.

Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Communication Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Communication


Since there could be many advisors involved either on the buyer's or seller's side of the project, it is important to have convenient communication process between various groups of users.

In our Question and Answer (Q&A) section, people can engage in conversations in different ways. For example, some people could be allowed only to follow conversations while others can communicate only with certain individuals or everyone invited to a data room, depending on the settings.

Additionally, some people can act as so-called Q&A coordinators, managing the conversation flow and helping to allocate questions to the most relevant person.

Real Estate Due Diligence Access Management Real Estate Due Diligence Access Management

Access Management

It is important to have possibility to manage document access at all stages of due diligence process.

One of the main concerns during due diligence process has always been the possibility of data leakage.

By using the combination of various iDeals Virtual Data Room settings, you can either grant access to specific documents and folders or revoke access at any time.

Our flexible approach to secure access management allows real estate professionals to ensure integrity of due diligence process.

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