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Over 80% of "Fortune 500" corporations trust iDeals to host and distribute their board documents securely

Board Communications Board Communications

Challenges of modern corporate boards

Corporate governance has evolved, and board members face unprecedented communication and collaboration challenges. iDeals board portal is designed to help executives fight the increasing demands and complexities of everyday Board dealings.

  • Enterprises need to quickly and securely exchange documents relating to key activities.
  • Governance requirements are becoming more complex.
  • Email and personal file sharing technology do not meet enterprise data security requirements.
  • The risk of data security breaches represents a serious issue for corporate compliance.
  • Collecting, printing, and dispatching paper-based board meeting packs is time-consuming.
Board Communications Board Communications

Board portal for managing and conducting board and committee meetings

With the constant growth in boards' responsibilities and increased pressure for value generation, what has previously been a one-way communication tool developed into a multiple-way instrument. Adapting to today's needs, the iDeals board portal allows users to:

  • Communicate through the Q&A section
  • Distribute board materials for upcoming meetings
  • Provide updates on activities of board committees for more efficient board meetings
  • Streamline board meeting processes using advanced board portal features
  • Improve corporate governance by better managing board meeting life cycle
  • Spend less time on administrative work and let assistants focus on attendees’ needs
  • Create tasks and monitor the performance using task management tools
Board Communications Board Communications

Centralize and share documents securely

The iDeals board portal is powered by iDeals virtual data room — an award-winning cloud-based platform that facilitates digital communication and provides an easy-to-use and yet highly secure environment for document storage. Among the sensitive documents companies can store are:

  • Investor presentations
  • Risk management reports
  • Operational and growth plans
  • Remuneration policies and incentive schemes
  • External audit results
  • Agendas and resolutions, including the following:
    • Corporate performance
    • Strategy, budgets, capex, and R&D
    • Long-term vs. short-term considerations
    • Acquisitions, divestitures and other business portfolio adjustments
    • Executive compensation
    • Risk management, including financial, safety and other risks
    • Regulatory and legal compliance
    • Shareholder relations
    • Government relations and policies, including relations with trade associations
    • Employee and community relations
    • Director recruitment
    • Annual shareholders meeting
    • Crisis management preparations
    • Takeover bid and proxy fight preparations
    • Board and committee structure and policies, evaluations, governance guidelines, committee charters
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Access your board and meeting materials from anywhere

With the iDeals board portal software, digital board meetings become more efficient, with board members easily accessing digital board packs at any time, anywhere. This is especially beneficial if one or more board directors are abroad. To make this possible, iDeals provides users with multiple tools such as:

  • A mobile user interface to view the files in the board portal space anywhere and anytime.
  • Full-text search to have quick access to information and documents.
  • Notifications to know when new documents have been uploaded.
  • A robust Q&A system to discuss sensitive corporate information and increase board engagement.
  • A SOX-compliant audit trail to reduce the risk of data security violations.
  • User activity tracking to control document views, prints, and downloads.
Board Communications Board Communications

Improve the efficiency of board communication management

The production of physical board meeting packs typically take days or weeks, with the updates sent out to board members by courier. But the board portal technology can cut this down to hours and solve other problems along the way.

  • Any changes are implemented quickly and easily: the latest document versions are uploaded to the central board portal platform and automatically synced to all board members’ devices.
  • All parties are working from the same page, regardless of the location.
  • Eight-plus levels of role-based document permissions allow administrators to grant or restrict access to ensure robust security.
  • A dedicated board portal app for iOS, Windows, and Android Access allows users to leverage the board portal software from all devices.
Board Communications Board Communications

Military-grade document and infrastructure security

The security of your corporate documentation is crucial. Without the proper technology, Board materials dissemination creates the perfect conditions for document losses over e-mails or couriers. With board meeting management software, these risks disappear.

  • The data center security is ensured with a strict access policy and surveillance.
  • All our data centers are SOC2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified.
  • Tier 3 (2N) redundancy for all components of essential systems guarantees an industry-leading 99.95% uptime.
  • Data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL/TLS protocol using RSA 2048-bit keys encryption.
  • Two-step authentication requires a password and a texted code.
  • Dynamic watermarks and Fence View prevent unauthorized document distribution.
  • The remote wipe allows revoking file access permission across all user devices.
  • Audit logs document each action in the board portal software to ensure compliance with industry regulations and for legal records.
Board Communications Board Communications

Most successful enterprises employ online board portals

Many businesses are using board management software as an indispensable tool for document sharing and hosting. According to a KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute survey, the leading global companies are rapidly adopting board portal software.

  • Half of senior management and directors said their companies currently use software for board meetings, and another 20% expect to find a board portal provider in the next 6-12 months.
  • 18% of respondents provide their board members with a mobile device to access the board meeting software, and another 20% plan to do so in the year ahead.
  • 55% of board directors agree that the right board portal software has dramatically improved the board’s efficiency,
  • 70% said their board portal software is updated in real-time with meeting minutes, company information, and more.