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Virtual Data Room for Life Sciences

100% secure data room for life sciences organizations, clinical research firms and pharmaceutical companies

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While our clients from life science industries carry out important mission of improving human life standards, we take care about security of their sensitive data.

iDeals provides highly secure data room platform for clinical trials, biotech licensing and partnering, IPO, M&A, fundraising, intellectual property (IP) management, IP licensing and regulatory communications.

Virtual Data Room features for Life Sciences and Healthcare
Virtual Data Room for Clinical Trials
Virtual Data Room for Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Clinical research and medical device companies often invite volunteers to participate in biomedical experiments, and, therefore, are responsible for keeping safe confidential medical information about their patients. Unlike other digital repositories that give you less control over access to sensitive medical information, a virtual data room helps to streamline and secure data sharing process with all parties that are involved: patients, researches and authorities that certify clinical procedures.

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Data Room for Biotech Licensing and Biotech Partnering
Data Room for Biotech Licensing and Biotech Partnering

Biotech Licensing & Partnering

Using a virtual data room during licensing deals allows you to take advantage of considering multiple partnership possibilities: all your potential licensing partners can securely review you patented discoveries simultaneously without being aware of each other. With the help of data room’s tracking system, you can access their interest basing on the detailed analytic regarding the number of pages reviewed and the amount of time spent on each page.

Biotech IPO on data room platform
Biotech IPO on data room platform

Biotech IPO

Getting your company ready for taking it public is an important strategic decision that often requires significant investment of time and efforts. One way to make this process less stressful is to review company’s finances on regular basis and manage important records relating to accounting, legal and other departments. Some of these and other important documents, such as articles of organization, limited liability company operating agreements or allocation of partnership can be also uploaded to IPO data room for due diligence.

“iDeals virtual data room is quite simple and intuitive. As you know, it is quite frightening to do any change once the VDR is up and running and any mistake can cause non-desired access to the confidential material. However, iDeals staff has always been available to answer my questions as well as the VDR users’ questions and had followed up on any matter till it was successfully solved.”

Iris Kagan, OSHADI, Drug Administration, Israel

Healthcare M&A Due Diligence
Healthcare M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

A virtual data room can help companies to manage every stage of due diligence during M&A. Whether it is preliminary or Q&A stage of due diligence, all sensitive documents can be located in one single repository, prepared for examination. And distinctive security data room features can prevent sensitive documents from being copied, downloaded or even photographed.

iDeals Data Room for Biotech Fundraising
iDeals Data Room for Biotech Fundraising

Biotech Fundraising

Having an easy and comfortable way to present documents is one of the key factors that leads to a smooth investment raise. You can emphasize significance of your project and influence investment decision by sharing detailed documentation relating to your projects, including DICOM files, such as ultrasounds, CT scans and X-Rays. And thanks to a great number of pre-established data room indexes (checklists), a great data room saves investors a lot of time which they otherwise would spend on digging up documents in Dropbox or Gmail.

IP management on data room
IP management on data room

IP Management

Most of science-based innovators rely on success of their intellectual property (IP) portfolios, having their billion dollars invested in valuations and revenues. IP can be one of the most important assets for pharmaceutical, bio-engineering and other science-based innovators. Managing your IP in a data room allows to maximize of your portfolio by protecting it and helping to avoid violations of legal rights.

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Virtual Data Room for IP Licensing
Virtual Data Room for IP Licensing

IP Licensing Deals

Careful and steady uncover of sensitive information – that’s what is needed during IP licensing deal. Typically, both parties have to review the intellectual property assets in order to estimate their value. A virtual data room can be used for sharing valuable information with the confidence: it can only be accessed by those people that are approved to do so.

Boardroom for Regulatory Communications
Boardroom for Regulatory Communications

Regulatory Communications

For those companies seeking the right tool for communicating with regulatory advisors and submitting regulatory applications, iDeals provides the best document control features and organizational tools that are perfectly-suited for sharing strictly confidential information.

iDeals Virtual Data Room - Designed for Life Science Projects
Ease of Use
Ease of Use for Life Sciences
  • No training required to use iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Plugin-free software that could be run on any operation system and any device
Multilingual Support
Multilingual Support for Life Sciences
  • Customer success team operates 24/7/365
  • We support in 14 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish and Korean.
Availability & Compliance
Availability & Compliance for Life Sciences
  • 10 datacenters located worldwide to help our clients comply with some governmental regulations that require business data to be stored locally
  • Industry-leading speed and 99.95% uptime
Video Files
Video Files for Healthcare
  • Upload and securely share video of your biotech product or case studies of clinical trials
  • Make your documents portfolio look professional and more attractive for potential investors
Granular User Permissions
Granular User Permissions for Healthcare
  • Permit or deny users to view, print or download files
  • Track and review users’ activities, view and download audit reports
  • Assign one of 8 levels of access for particular folder or file
Document Security
Document Security for Healthcare
  • Disable printing function that allows to view documents only in a data room
Access Security
Access Security by iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Two-step authentication and terms and conditions may be applied for every user before signing in
  • IP restrictions can be used for greater control over highly sensitive information
Remote Shredding
Remote Shredding by iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Set up time framework for how long documents are available for viewing
  • Revoke access to your documents anytime, even if they are already downloaded
Best Virtual Data Room for Healthcare
Best Virtual Data Room for Healthcare

Compliant, Audited and Trusted Platform

iDeals Virtual Data Room is compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and implements the best national standards for healthcare transactions. All iDeals data centers and data management operations are SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified accordingly.

Leading Virtual Data Room Provider in Life Sciences

iDeals Platform is used by 95 out of 100 Top Pharma Companies

LG Life Sciences
“iDeals data room software combines user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions. In addition, their diverse reporting system is extremely helpful when you need some analytic data about your data room. I would hate to switch to another system.”

Jeff Hsu, Regulatory Affairs, Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.