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  • iDeals™ Virtual Data Room is an excellent platform that is easy to use and provides an unparalleled level of customer service. Our firm had started off trying a variety of data rooms, and ultimately switched firm wide to iDeals for its simplicity and intuitive structure. Top notch security and customer support at a great rate.

    Adam Lancaster Investment Banking Group,
    Performance Trust Capital Partners
  • iDeals data room software combines user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions. In addition, their diverse reporting system is extremely helpful when you need some analytic data about your data room. I would hate to switch to another system.

    Jeff Hsu Regulatory Affairs,
    Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.
  • One of the best virtual data room platforms I have come across. Easy to navigate and manage, highly customizable, exceptionally competitive on price. A great option both for sophisticated users as well as novices.

    Alexey Zykov Investment Banking Group
  • Speaking as an administrator who has used other services, the iDeals interface is very user friendly and their file management system saved me a lot of time. I also have to give a special mention to their technical support team, they were always readily available to answer my questions. This personalized aspect is very important for business users like myself who are time pressed and in need of timely solutions.

    Mark Li Real Estate Investments
    Harvest Capital Partners
  • The projects we undertook were really fine, especially considering the virtual data room software we have done quite well because the interface of the VDR was pretty easy to use, together with some pretty useful functions.

    Asad Aftab Corporate Finance
  • We continually use virtual data rooms provided by iDeals, the interface is friendly, everything works fine. I am willing to recommend iDeals as a reliable and responsible partner.

    Hakon L. Akerlund IT Security
  • iDeals Virtual Data Room has an intuitive design and extremely robust features. My entire transaction team was up and running in a matter of minutes without any training. I have used the big IT companies VDR offerings and iDeals is superior in a number of ways. From document rights management, reporting, file format compatibility and ease of use, iDeals is the better choice. A great product at a reasonable price. I give it my highest recommendation.

    Bill Jennings Chief Financial Officer
    Product Quest Manufacturing LLC.
  • I would like to thank iDeals for its exceptional services. iDeals Virtual Data Room services have provided Opal Zrt’s business with a high quality and first-rate support. The VDR product is very user friendly and provided comprehensive support to our M&A transaction. One of the best product on the market, cost effective and an outstanding quality. iDeals’ VDR platform integrates a very good product with superior services - good support, fast response time, a helpful and qualified team, and good value for the money.

    Szabolcs Antal Chief Financial Officer
    OPAL Tank Storage
  • We have used iDeals’ Virtual Data Rooms several times and have always been very satisfied with their service. Signing contracts and setting up the Virtual Data Room was always very fast - within 1-2 hours. I highly recommend iDeals.

    Dr. Markus Wagner Vice President, Corporate Development
    Pieris AG
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  • I recommend the services of the iDeals. Our Company has been using data room services twice for the past two years, and we have always been completely satisfied. Their platform is easy to use, it is logically built and handy to present large amounts of data in simple manner. I also would like to note convenient communications tool integrated in the platform. They do an excellent job, are always punctual and professional, and offer the most competitive rates in Baltics.

    Andrejs Galanders Member of the Council
    BTA Insurance
  • The iDeals team met all of our requirements and needs which helped us to be very efficient. Their support is extraordinary and their system provides us with all necessary tools to effectively follow and monitor processes. We definitely recommend iDeals.

    Dejan Jelisavac Financial advisor
    KF Finance
  • Our clients entrust their information to us. Maintaining their confidentiality is critical. The use of iDeals' platform supported our strategy. Value for money was received, the interface was customizable to our objectives and very easy to use. In addition, we were gratified by your support team and systems.

    Melissa Cobham Assistance Manager
    Aegis S.A.
  • iDeals offers an excellent mix of sound technical knowledge, professional and pragmatic approach, plus the support team is very nice to work with.

    Anna Smolková Manager of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • iDeals virtual data room allows us to quickly and easily provide document viewing across multiple projects, while maintaining document security. We have used other data room providers but iDeals outperforms them thanks to intuitive design – we required no training at all – and speedy access to the documentation. In addition we have been very pleased with the quality of service from the iDeals support staff. The virtual data room from iDeals helped us greatly expedite our deal processes.

    Sven-Erik Zachrisson Deputy Chief Executive Office
    Petrogrand AB
  • Many thanks for your great support during our common project. We remain connected for any future opportunities.

    Valeriu Cernei Head of IT Audit and Advisory Services
    PICS Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners
  • Regarding Virtual Data Room service providing by iDeals we have very good experiences. The product is very easy to use, very transparent and provide all reporting needed for monitoring what is going on in the VDR.

    Andreja KosirPresident and CEO
    Elan Slovenia
  • iDeals have been a great service provider for us. iDeals`s VDR is really friendly system. We’ll definitely choose this platform for future projects!

    Luke A. JensenSubsurface Integration Manager
  • This was the first time that BR Partners have used iDeals, and it was a great experience either regarding the platform or the support. Compared to other VDR services, iDeals offers a simple interface with strong levels of security for the data stored and very competitive price. We will recommend iDeals for other clients from now on.

    Guilherme LoiaconoIB Associate
    BR Partners
  • Our company used iDeals on number of transactions. The platform is intuitive, efficient, easy to use and set up. Support team always does their best to help us with carrying out our deals. We can recommend iDeals VDR platform for complex projects with many parties involved.

    Robert Karlsson Chief Executive Officer
    Shelton Petroleum
  • It was our first time using iDeals’ VDR and we were very impressed. The helpful iDeals team provided outstanding and prompt service. We used iDeals’ VDR to securely distribute analyst presentations to our consortium members during the Emlak Konut REIC SPO.

    Taner Akcesme Head of London Representative Office
  • We used iDeals VDR for our projects and our impression is iDeals offers next-generation cloud services for secure corporate data exchange and dealing with document workflow platform. It has the Windows application which allows synchronising VDR with files on computer what is very convenient while working with documents. Along with graphical reports we have got a visual representation of user’s activity. We can identify which pages by which users in a document were viewed. The iDeals team is really proficient and attentive. We definitely recommend iDeals Virtual Data Room.

    Onur KurugolVice President
    Odin Financial Advisors
  • iDeals is very useful. We could very simply achieve in restricting multi parties from seeing each other in iDeals data room. During our project, we even overcome the situations which required advanced features.

    Cem Pardo Associate
    Total Finans
  • iDeals service was pretty satisfactory together with its flexible invoicing approach. We were happy with the easy admin and user interfaces. The local team is always open to questions and very helpful during the operation. Our priority will definitely be iDeals VDR in considering future projects.

    Mustafa Helvacioǧlu Civil Engineer (MSc), Technical Manager
    EMSAS Construction Tourism Trade and Industry Co
  • I have been working with iDeals on a long term project that has taken over a year, and I have been very pleased with their support. I find their VDR portal quite user friendly and their local team member based here in Istanbul extremely helpful for us, especially in terms of managing our relationships with the end clients as well as receiving instant and customized sales service.

    Erkan Erken Associate Director
    Raiffeisen Investment
  • We approached the iDeals VDR service in connection with necessity to carry out legal and financial due diligence within the framework of acquisition by one of Ukrainian industrial sector leaders of its competitor`s assets. We were pleasantly surprised with the usability of Data Room combined with variety of functions and options which allowed adjusting and customizing it to our individual needs and specificity of the project. Well-thought-out interface made it easy to upload, classify and handle with GBs of documents, and advanced security features provided confidence in safekeeping of all uploaded information. Apart from that, flexibility in respect of financial terms of cooperation is really much appreciated. Summarizing all mentioned above, we would recommend iDeals VDR as the best solution for the purpose of Due Diligence in M&A transactions.

    Roman Syvyy Managing Partner
    LawWhales, Attorneys-at-Law
  • The transaction was successful and we were very happy with your services. Thank you and looking forward to be working with you again.

    Mag. Christoph GeymayerDirector, Managing Partner
    ECOVIS CF ConFidas
  • I can confirm that iDeals platform is easy to use and implement and I appreciate the detection of several corrupted files. As soon as I uploaded documents, support team called me and asked to replace a few damaged files that couldn’t be recognized by the platform. I definitely revert to iDeals, if I have other projects in future.

    Franck FreyssinetProcurement & Contract Manager
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  • AMTD's has excellent experience using iDeals' virtual data room (VDR) services. The iDeals VDR is extremely easy to use. The user-friendly look and feel eliminates any user training. We have never had to provide any training for our VDR users. The iDeals VDR also provides many useful functionalities such as the seamless integration to Excel spreadsheets. We can upload Excel files to the VDR for users to view as well as download for further computation, depending on our access level settings. We particularly value the comprehensive on-line user audit reports which allows us to track user browsing history based on search filters. I wholeheartedly recommend the iDeals VDR to companies looking for an easy-to-use, full function and cost effective VDR solution.

    Thomas ChanChief Information Officer
    AMTD Group (iDeals’ customer since 2011)
  • I just can say that it worked perfect - we will recommend it!

    Wolfgang Deutschmann Chief Executive Officer
  • The layout, interface, services, responsiveness and overall management of iDeals in our projects where we worked together have been extremely helpful. iDeals has proved its presence and capabilities as a multi-functional solution provider in all respects. We are happy to be working with iDeals and would recommend them to our colleagues.

    Aydin Eralp Vice President
    IS Investment
  • I am generally satisfied with the responsiveness given to me by iDeals’ accounts manager and customer services managers. I also found that iDeals team understood what we needed as a client and has been flexible in providing suitable services quote and options

    Jade TangSenior Associate
    Oldham, Li & Nie
  • The iDeals platform has been instrumental in Silicon Ranch Corporation being able to deal smoothly and efficiently with its partners. iDeals Virtual Data Room allows seamless collaboration, and, along with the great overall user interface and customer support, is a great system for document management. The functionality for file and folder organization has been excellent.

    David Harper Energy industry
    Silicon Ranch Group
  • We are happy with the services provided by iDeals: especially the Turkish language option, available both at 7/24 customer support and at the multilingual platform’s interface, has been extremely important for our client’s personnel. Even despite big size of uploaded documents, we did not have any problems accessing them. This was easy as a breeze, just like with our smaller deals. Customer support staff has been more than helpful in assisting us with our special requests and did their best.

    Dilan Pamir Corporate finance
  • The iDeals Virtual Data Room’s interface is very practical and user-friendly: the bulk upload function is really convenient and practical to use while upload speed is highly commendable. Moreover, distinguished security features of the platform have allowed us to set up proper settings for our project.
    We are also grateful to the local representative of iDeals for being flexible with respect to critical additional costs incurred throughout our project. And finally, we would like to thank the support team that has been really helpful and assisted us with all our inquiries.

    Sarp Tuzun
    AVM Partners
  • Many thanks for your support. We really like iDeals Virtual Data Room and will use it in all our future projects, as you provide extremely user-friendly platform at the most competitive price.

    Ashish GattaniInvestment Director
    Oman Investment Corporation S.A.O.C.
  • We have completed our project for which we used the iDeals VDR. I do want to point out that the product and your services were excellent. Can’t fault it on any front and will come back to you for future projects. Also, I will recommend to anyone looking for a VDR solution. Thank you for the excellent services.

    Sebastian Meier-Ewert Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer
    IOmx Therapeutics AG, Germany
  • Thank you for the invitation. We love the ideals data room service, which is easy to operate, secure, and fast. Also the price is reasonable and affordable. I will definitely refer your service to our partner companies.

    Jingjing XiHR Manager
    at BrainCo_Tech