How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works

95% of major global banks have used iDeals for secure document exchange and enterprise collaboration.

Whether you are running an M&A deal or managing due diligence process, you need a virtual data room services to upload, access and share your sensitive documents. At iDeals we have built a highly secure data room solution to ensure that this process is smooth from the beginning to the end.


Give your virtual data room a professional appearance with custom branding.

  • Upload your logo and choose a color scheme that corresponds with your corporate style.
  • Customize your invitation letter to introduce your project summary to authorized users.
  • Customize document watermarks according to your security requirements.
  • Add your own terms of use and other policies for users to accept before entering your data room.
How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works


Create folders structure and upload your data in any format. The iDeals Smart Upload and processing features automatically convert your files into a secure format.

  • To upload several documents at once use convenient Drag&Drop feature. There is no limit in size and number for the uploaded files.
  • After uploading is finished, all documents in more than 25 common file formats will be converted to secure Adobe PDF and available for secure viewing by users.
  • Upload and download multiple files and folders and synchronize local folders with the data room folders using the iDeals VDR Desktop application.
  • Keep the information structured and updates instantly visible by enabling automatic index numbering function.
How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works


Set up permissions and grant access to users who will access secure virtual data room project and collaborate over its contents.

  • Set collaboration users with extended permissions: they have access to documents, group notes, Q&A messaging between users, and activity reports for other users.
  • Set individual users with fewer permissions: these users can access documents, personal notes and activity reports, and communicate with Q&A coordinators.
  • Apply one of eight levels of user permissions to each user or user group.
  • Invite users one by one or use the bulk upload feature to invite hundreds of users in seconds.
  • Get an instant view of who has signed in the data room and how actively users are involved in the project.
How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works


Use the power of Q&A (questions and answers) to improve collaboration and to keep your project running smoothly. Q&A serves as a secure email within the virtual data room. Q&A helps to communicate with users and reply to various inquiries.

  • Collaborate and communicate in a secure area without relying on email.
  • Set a priority depending on urgency: High, Medium, or Low.
  • Assign a status to Q&A questions: Awaiting reply, In progress, Forwarded to expert, Answered by me or Closed.
  • Use Q&A attachments to securely exchange files in the virtual data room - no more relying on file-sharing services or FTP.
  • Save time by enabling an FAQ section providing answers to the most common questions.
  • Monitor questions and answers by getting instant notifications on new question submissions.
How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works


Make sure that your confidential data is in the right hands. We manage everything behind the scenes, so you can focus on your deal.

  • Disable printing and downloading for any folder or document.
  • Protect your documents from screen capture by enabling Fence View.
  • Revoke access to information even after a document has been downloaded.
  • Restrict users and user groups from accessing certain sections of the data room.
  • Keep VDR service users updated by notifying them about new documents uploaded, new questions or answers in the Q&A section and change or disable these notifications.
How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works


Make faster and better-informed decisions based on real-time data. Get answers to any questions you may have about users’ activity. Use the information from these reports at different stages of your project.

  • Once your electronic data room opens, you can see which users have already logged in and how actively they view documents. This could serve as an indicator of bidder interest.
  • Smart colored reports indicate how frequently users access different folders in the data room.
  • From the Q&A reports, see how many questions are still outstanding and how long, on average, it is taking for users to receive answers.
  • When preparing to negotiate contracts, check which documents were viewed. This can help avoid unexpected issues in the negotiation process.
  • Generate and download detailed user activity reports and see all user actions including the precise time spent viewing a specific document.
  • Download complete Q&A threads and keep them for compliance and education purposes
How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works

Security by Default

At iDeals, security of our clients’ data is paramount. That's why we take industry-leading security measures to ensure your data is safe and will remain safe.

  • iDeals uses multiple data centers which employ physical security, strict access policies, biometric entry authentication systems, 24/7 armed guards and surveillance.
  • Data centers are SOC2 compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified.
  • Tier 3 (2N) redundancy for all components of essential systems guarantees 99.95% uptime.
  • Uninterruptible power backup systems and fire/flood prevention protocols keep data secure in case of a natural disaster.
  • Real-time file backup through encrypted VPN tunnels preserves data integrity.
  • Antivirus protection system merges antivirus software of five leading vendors, ensuring that no viruses are embedded into files uploaded to the data room platform.
How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works How iDeals Virtual Data Room Works
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