Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room

With our combination of complete security, ease-of-use, and industry-leading data room features, there is no comparison.

10 Things to Consider When Comparing Online Data Room Providers.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask data room providers when choosing the right platform for your deal.

Ease of Access
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Can I access and manage the virtual data room using any operational system?
  • Are dedicated iOS and Android applications available?
  • Can I customize the virtual data room design to match our corporate style and add our company's logo?
  • Is the interface intuitive and streamlined?
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Can I use the virtual data room on mobile devices?
  • Can I upload and share files in a variety of formats?
  • Does the data room solution offer tools to work with large files, such as engineering schemes or aerial photographs?
  • Does the data room provider offer flexible and interactive reporting tools?
Ease of Use
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • How easy is it to invite users to our virtual data room?
  • Does the virtual data room provider offer Drag&Drop and bulk upload functionality?
  • Can I sync my document folders with secure cloud storage?
  • Can I search within documents in all formats?
  • Can I securely view and edit spreadsheets?
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Can I set detailed user permissions for my project?
  • Can I revoke access rights during any stage of the project?
  • Does the virtual data room provider offer digital rights management tools?
  • Can I manage watermarks and adjust restricted view function?
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Can I access a detailed history of user's activity, including Q&A threads?
  • Can I apply date and time filters to make my reports more accurate?
  • Will I receive instant notifications of document uploads or other activity?
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Is customer support available 24/7 and during holidays?
  • Can I access support in a language other than English?
  • Will I have a dedicated project manager for my data room?
  • Will I receive custom training with an expert?
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Does the pricing depend on the amount of data and the number of users?
  • Are there any extra fees that we should budget for?
  • What happens if our deal takes longer to complete or even gets cancelled?
  • Do you charge additional fees, for example, for 24/7 customer support?
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • What is the level of encryption of the information in the virtual data room?
  • Do you offer a two-step authentication process during the login?
  • Do you have features to protect our documents from unauthorized viewing and screenshot capture?
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • Are you familiar with corporate data sharing requirements?
  • Do you have a strong track record of providing virtual data room services required by dealmakers?
  • Do you have experience managing an M&A data room service for a deal like ours?
Questions & Answers Feature
Why Choose iDeals Virtual Data Room
  • How easy is it to post a question in relation to a specific document?
  • Will I have access to detailed Q&A reports?
  • Can I analyze and predict the behavior of users based on their Q&A activity?
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At iDeals, we pride ourselves having a secure, easy-to-use solution with more unique features than other leading data room providers.

iDeals™ Virtual Data RoomIntralinks DealspaceMerrill DatasiteRR Donnelly Venue
Full-Text Search
Dynamic Watermarks
Q&A Section
Information Rights Management Tools
Bulk Uploads & Downloads
Compatible with All Major Browsers
24/7/365 Customer Support
Audit and Reports
Multi-Language Support
Secure Spreadsheet Viewer
Scroll-Through Viewer
Plugin-Free Drag&Drop Upload
Any File Format Support
Access Restriction by IP
Android and IOS Application
Multiple Data Centers Worldwide
99.95% Uptime
On-Premise Deployment Option
Zero maintenance windows

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Over 20,000 industry-leading companies have trusted iDeals to securely distribute millions of confidential documents.

  • iDeals™ Virtual Data Room is an excellent platform that is easy to use and provides an unparalleled level of customer service. Our firm had started off trying a variety of data rooms, and ultimately switched firm wide to iDeals for its simplicity and intuitive structure. Top notch security and customer support at a great rate.

    Adam Lancaster Investment Banking Group,
    Performance Trust Capital Partners
  • iDeals' data room platform combines user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions. In addition, their diverse reporting system is extremely helpful when you need some analytic data about your data room. I would hate to switch to another system.

    Jeff Hsu Regulatory Affairs,
    Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.
  • One of the best virtual data room platforms I have come across. Easy to navigate and manage, highly customizable, exceptionally competitive on price. A great option both for sophisticated users as well as novices.

    Alexey Zykov Investment Banking Group,
  • Speaking as an administrator who has used other services, the iDeals' interface is very user friendly and their file management system saved me a lot of time. I also have to give a special mention to their technical support team, they were always readily available to answer my questions. This personalized aspect is very important for business users like myself who are time pressed and in need of timely solutions.

    Mark Li Real Estate Investments,
    Harvest Capital Partners
  • The projects we undertook were really fine, especially considering the virtual data room we have done quite well because the interface of the VDR was pretty easy to use, together with some pretty useful functions.

    Asad Aftab Corporate Finance,
  • We continually use virtual data rooms provided by iDeals, the interface is friendly, everything works fine. I am willing to recommend iDeals as a reliable and responsible partner.

    Hakon L. Akerlund IT Security,

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