How iDeals unparalleled customer care helps Regranion streamline drug trial since 2018 | iDeals Virtual Data Room

How iDeals unparalleled customer care helps Regranion streamline drug trial since 2018


How iDeals unparalleled customer care helps Regranion streamline drug trial since 2018


Regranion LLC is an innovative clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that is developing a proprietary oral drug for autoimmune diseases. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, it also has a team located in Europe and is currently conducting clinical trials worldwide.

With team members and stakeholders scattered across the globe, the company faced the challenge of protecting sensitive information such as:

  • Drug trial-related protocols
  • Consent forms
  • Ethics committee approvals
  • Lab certifications
  • Progress reports

In their quest for a secure data management system, they discovered iDeals, an innovative platform that changed their approach to storing confidential information.

Since 2018, iDeals has become an indispensable tool for Regranion’s archive management and communications. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Gautam Ghatnekar, Regranion’s Chairman and CEO explains: “I would enthusiastically recommend iDeals. You want comfort, convenience, and affordability from any program that you use, and iDeals checks all those boxes.”

The context

Founded in 2007, the Regranion team includes entrepreneurs and life sciences professionals who leverage practical experience and industry knowledge to commercialize new discoveries.

As a company engaged in trailblazing medical research, they had already explored various tools to ensure the secure storage of documents. So, when they started setting up a virtual library, Gautam remembered his great experience with iDeals.

Having used the VDR in his previous company, he found it easy to use and efficient, and was especially impressed by the customer care. “What stood out to me personally was the customer service, that aspect of being able to really connect with someone on the other end and get your problem solved.”

Key challenges

With employees located in different geographic locations, they reached out to iDeals requesting:

  • Easy access to documents from anywhere in the world
  • Option to allocate users to separated groups
  • Granular reports showing all activity

Their familiarity with the VDR was crucial in their decision to partner with the company. Gautam was again impressed by the user-friendliness of the interface, “both for uploading documents and making them available and then giving people access – that process is quite seamless with iDeals.”


From the start, the Regranion teams found it very easy to set up the data room, “there was a lot of sensitive data, and it was really easy for us to share and for people to review. We could toggle the access if somebody needed to print, or download, depending on what the needs were and who the third party was,” Gautam concluded.

In addition, the team was pleased with the ability to streamline communications. As explained, “I like to be able to customize it to whom the audience is, it’s all very, very simple, and that’s an understated quality for any software you use.”

The future

In the fast-paced and demanding world of pharmaceutical innovation, Regranion has found iDeals to be an excellent fit for their document management needs.

They identify three remarkable benefits that make iDeals a standout choice:

  • Intuitive design
  • Affordability
  • Excellent customer care

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