DHV Plus accelerates the acquisition of real estate companies with iDeals | iDeals Virtual Data Room

DHV Plus accelerates the acquisition of real estate companies with iDeals

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DHV Plus accelerates the acquisition of real estate companies with iDeals

DHV Plus


Based in Hamburg, Deutsche Hausverwaltung Plus GmbH (DHV Plus) was set up to bring together regional and local property management companies. Since its inception, the group has been meeting its targets with an advanced “Buy and Build” strategy.

Since 2021, they have been using iDeals to optimize in-depth analysis during legal and financial due diligence. 

It was the company’s first foray into using a VDR, and they were more than happy with it. “iDeals has convinced us with its price-performance ratio, it is very easy to use, and there are no complicated additional costs. It saves time for the whole M&A process.”

The context

DHV Plus and its subsidiaries are a rapidly expanding group of companies specializing in property management.

With its advanced approach to digitalization, expertise in the property market, and quick access to financing options, the group aims to become Germany’s largest property management group.

In 2021, the team decided to look for a user-friendly tool to replace email and online document exchanges with the possibility of secure archiving.

Key challenges

Ultimately, they were looking for features and services that would also improve security and impress sellers and future partners, such as:

  • Reliable and prompt customer support
  • Simple and easy to understand management
  • Unlimited users and groups
  • Different permission levels for multiple teams
  • Separate rooms for each project
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • An in-built Q&A Tool


DHV Plus was impressed by the excellence of iDeals’ security, which was a key request by the company, since there was nothing more important for DHV Plus than keeping potential sellers’ data safe. Furthermore, they saw the intuitive layout and the possibilities for keeping track of additional costs, as a clear advantage of iDeals.

Throughout the transaction, they found it easy to configure rooms and go live with investors, potential sellers and tax and legal advisors. “We had a wide range of documents to upload, all connected to due diligence and needing to be treated confidentially; it was very easy to use, especially the Q&A tool,” concluded their Head of Legal, Kohun La.

The future

After many successful deals, their team was impressed by how the VDR had made their due diligence process more efficient and secure. When asked to shortlist, they see the three main benefits of iDeals as:

  • Time-saving for the whole M&A process
  • Secure data sharing
  • Minimal unexpected costs

Using iDeals’ features, the company was able to close transactions while maintaining effective data management and monitoring all the activity. Kohun La highlighted that on top of all the benefits, “the customer service was friendly, quick, and solution-oriented.”

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