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Streamlining real estate financing with iDeals’ exceptional support

Financial Services

Streamlining real estate financing with iDeals’ exceptional support



Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano (BIM) provides a range of banking services in Mexico, including investments, business credit, mortgages, and digital banking. Their business specializes in financing for the construction and real estate industries.

For the past three years, the bank has relied on iDeals to pursue its strategies regarding new business opportunities.

With iDeals, BIM has built up its digital security, by using the platform to share loan offers and commercially sensitive details of investments and mortgages with investors, financial advisors, and consultants. For BIM’s team, the best thing about iDeals: how the platform allows them to exchange a range of documents and control how this happens. “iDeals is our trusted partner, and we look forward to our cooperation in the future,” affirms their Financial planning manager,  Héctor Hugo Rodriguez.


Founded in Mexico City in 2001, BIM quickly expanded its credit and investment services, successfully positioning itself as one of the most profitable and competitive financial enterprises in Mexico. 

Much of BIM’s business involves financial solutions for the real estate industry, a volatile sector that demands flexible financing and agile decision-making. 

Lending on the scale that they do, means both the need to keep financial details confidential and guarantee accurate reporting. With this in mind, BIM started to look for technology that would enable them to handle their contracts, confidential lending offers, and legal transfer documents quickly, easily, and most of all, safely.

Key challenges

Realizing the demands of their multiple projects, their team decided that they needed a secure archive-sharing tool that would allow them to:

  • Organize and share sensitive financial documents with multiple stakeholders
  • Set advanced security settings to control who could view, edit, and download files
  • Use watermarks and encryption whenever they needed or wanted


They initially chose iDeals because of how easy it was to use, and were then impressed by the whole package, “’iDeals team has demonstrated their high level of professionalism, efficiency, and specialist knowledge by interacting with the many BIM departments and participating in projects involving highly sensitive corporate data,” according to Héctor Hugo Rodriguez.

Since beginning their partnership with iDeals, BIM has been able to beef up their digital security for new business opportunities. 

BIM has been using iDeals for their many projects to:

  • Create a separate data room for each new project
  • Quickly upload files for viewing, editing, or sharing
  • Control access by setting different permission levels

They were also impressed by the customer service, “communication between iDeals representatives and our team is excellent, as is their commitment to data security.” 

The future

BIM’s philosophy is that they should adapt to reflect the changing needs of their clients. In response to the impact of COVID-19, they set up a line of credit worth 8,000 million pesos to help developers build an estimated 11,500 homes in Mexico. 

This was subsidized by the 2021 success of their financial and credit operations and led to a 10% rise in the number of housing units built that year. 

For the future, BIM aims to continue to focus on family housing and to be proudly responsible for financing the majority of low-cost Mexican homes.

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