Data Room Encryption: Customer-Managed Keys by iDeals™

Data Room Encryption: Customer-Managed Keys

Remain full control over your confidential information by encrypting data room content with your own keys

Data Room Encryption: Customer-Managed Keys Data Room Encryption: Customer-Managed Keys

Extra Layer of Security

For highly sensitive and confidential documents, iDeals offers additional security measures.

Ultimate control. iDeals can never see or control your encryption keys. You can disable access to your documents for anyone at any time.

Audit log. Any user actions and all key usage are tracked and recorded in audit log that cannot be amended.

Unauthorized access prevention. Even if any piece of encrypted data has been copied without your permission, it still cannot be read without access to your encryption keys.

How does iDeals Customer-Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK) work?

The basic idea behind Customer-Managed Encryption Keys is to diversify possible risks by implementing two layers of data room encryption key management – at iDeals’ and Customer’s side.

By integrating iDeals Virtual Data Room with Amazon Web Services KMS (Key Management Services), our clients remain control over their data room customer-managed keys.

Data uploaded to iDeals Virtual Data Room.

Data encrypted with iDeals Data Key.

The iDeals Data Key encrypted with Customer`s Key.

All operations recorded in Audit Log.

Data Room Encryption Key Management Data Room Encryption Key Management

For Your Peace of Mind

iDeals CMEK are designed to help enterprises overcome specific concerns about using cloud services.

Ownership. This is the best guarantee that you, not your provider, remain ownership over the data: if you control your sensitive data, then you own it. If you suspend your customer keys than no one can access your information anymore.

Transparency. There is no need to have a special IT background in order to use iDeals CMEK: the system is very simple and transparent.

Confidence. Strict authentication procedure of key management system helps to comply with specific requirements.

IT Governance and Compliance

Data protection, especially in a cloud software delivery model may be a challenge for Enterprise IT teams.

By implementing CMEK, a very unique security control in the virtual data room software industry, we give IT teams of our clients full control of the encryption keys and provide them with the following options to match their compliance requirements:

Key Vault Location. Our clients have options to choose key management software and storage location for encryption keys which is separated from iDeals data storage.

Control over Data in Cloud. You control not only your data room customer-managed encryption keys but also data stored in iDeals cloud infrastructure.

Compliance Monitoring. Ability to generate compliance reports and audit trails for documents and encryption key access.

Data Room Customer Managed Keys Data Room Customer Managed Keys