Can We Stop with Coconut Water Already?


There always seems to be a new health craze and recently it’s coconut water that has been hitting the headlines. Coconut water, which is the fluid taken from young coconuts, has caught the attention of many a high profile celebs, but as it has been around since the 1940s, it seems most of us have been pretty slow to catch on to its many possible benefits. So, what does drinking coconut water do for you? Well, there appears to be numerous advantages.

Coconut water seems to have the potential to lower your blood pressure, but as the research has been limited to a small group, more extensive studies are needed. It’s also thought to lower LDL-cholesterol and triglyceride cholesterol, and it has been shown to increase recovery after a heart attack, but don’t get too excited: the research was carried out on rats and there’s no guarantee it will work for humans. On the other hand, coconut water is rich in calcium and magnesium, which are known to benefit electrolyte levels, and this could indeed keep your heart healthy.

Moreover, according to the numerous articles on this ‘new’ wonder product, coconut water is said to be pretty good on the nutrient scale as well. For instance, you might expect to get your fair share of B and C vitamins, antioxidants and zinc, and that’s just for a starter.

Furthermore, in a marketplace that is full of sugar filled soda and sports drinks, coconut water is certainly an excellent alternative when you need an energy rush while on the go. Coconut water is also considered a major hydrator, but research shows you might be just as well off with ordinary water.

Too much of a good thing?

However, if you’re already screaming “Can we stop with the coconut water already?” you might want to hear about some of the potentially less positive aspects. For instance, coconut water has high potassium levels, which could affect your heart rhythm should you drink far too much of it.

In addition, despite the many claims, drinking vast amount of coconut water is not likely to make you look years’ younger, no matter how hard you might wish it would, and in case you’re wondering, it won’t make you more attractive, either.

Further, coconut water is not a miracle cure for serious disease as some might claim, it’s also likely to hit you pretty hard in the wallet if you’re one of those people who state they are addicted to it. Also, it’s not likely to rapidly increase your metabolism, so the weight won’t just drop off.

And that’s not all. The next thing you need to start thinking about is the sugar content in some brands. You see, not all coconut water is equal and some brands add a fair amount of sugar to the already naturally occurring ones. Another aspect to consider is that many of the minerals and vitamins are only available in trace amounts; coconut water might not boost your nutrient content quite as much as you thought.

So, in summary, what does drinking coconut water do for you? All things considered, it’s a good hydrator, it’s got its share of minerals, it’s better for you than regular soda, and you could probably learn a lesson or two from its successful marketing, but despite all of this, don’t believe all of the hype.

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