Fancy a Job at Google’s New Self-Driving Car Company?


The notion of creating cars that effectively drive themselves is no longer viewed as a far-fetched fantasy and is now a clear ambition among some of the world’s very largest and most profitable companies.

Just you have a look at this:

Perhaps most prominent among them is Google, which has been looking to integrate all manner of existing and novel technologies into vehicles that are entirely self-driving.

Indeed, the search engine giant has seemingly become transfixed on setting the pace when it comes to developing genuinely roadworthy driverless cars but there is a long way still to go.

It’s latest efforts to drive the process forward though is the creation of a new standalone company whose work will focus solely on bringing self-driving cars to market.

Details on how that new company might function and how one might get a job at Google’s new project have emerged via a fascinating pair of job offerings.

Managers wanted

So far only a small number of jobs have been listed in relation to Google’s driverless car project but they are clearly quite senior positions and they shed some light on what the company is planning to focus on.

According to the ad, the plan is no less than to bring “self-driving cars to market” and to “apply a new brand identity” to the business as it develops beyond the auspices of Google.

Meanwhile, a separate position has apparently opened up for an operations manager who will be in charge of  “designing factory assembly stations” and “automating critical manufacturing processes and approving fixture designs used in the assembly of electronic modules for the self-driving car”.

Scaling up

What is becoming increasingly clear is that Google is not only serious about realising its ambitions in the realms of driverless cars but also that it is intending to establish a very real capability of producing self-driving vehicles on a considerable scale in the near future.

The move to scale-up in this context represents a significant departure for the Californian company, which for now remains best known for its search engines rather than its car engines.

There have been suggestions that Google would be looking to team up with established car makers in different parts of the world in order to pave the way towards a driverless future but there is now speculation that the tech giant might yet decide to go it alone.

Reaching for the stars

Certainly no one can accuse Google of lacking ambition when it comes to driverless cars and potentially changing the way we all think about vehicles and about transportation more generally.

Its self-driving car ideas where developed initially as part of its ‘X Division’, where as yet unproven or unprofitable concepts were given a chance to turn into something more viable.

But we now know that the self-driving car ideas are now being taken up a gear and the creation of an entire company around them gives perhaps the clearest possible indication that Google and its recently-created parent company Alphabet are completely committed to making driverless cars a common sight on roads around the world sooner rather than later.

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