US Most Liberal Cities Have the Most Expensive Homes

The split in American politics between what are broadly termed conservatives and liberals runs deep and in some ways goes a long way towards defining how people in different parts of the country identify themselves.

You will of course encounter all sorts of different people wherever you go in the US but it certainly tends to be the case that states on both coasts are among the most liberal in the union.

These areas also tend to be among the places most likely to boast locations that incorporate some of the most in-demand and expensive homes in the US.

Here’s a look at some of the most liberal cities in America, which also have some of the most competitive and high value residential real estate markets anywhere in the world.

Boston, Massachusetts

The city of Boston is renowned in part as being home to some of the most prestigious education and research institutions in the world, not least Harvard and MIT universities. However, Boston is also one of the most culturally rich and historic cities in America. Plus it is a fantastic place to dine out, to visit the theater and generally enjoy the high life if you can afford it. Little wonder then that Boston boasts some of America’s most expensive city homes, many of which have incredible views over the city and its surrounding areas.

Oakland, California

According to most run downs of residential real estate in the US, California is the state most densely populated by high value properties. This no doubt partly attributable to its reliably wonderful weather but cities like Oakland have also emerged as global centers of high-tech and online enterprise activity in recent years.
By now, quality homes in many parts of Oakland are as in demand and as expensive to buy or rent as any in the country.

San Francisco, California

Defining precisely what makes a city more of less liberal is not necessarily straightforward but few would argue that San Francisco is anything other than a liberal place to be. Home to some of America’s most iconic landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is also a major nationwide and international enterprise hub and a very expensive real estate location by virtually any standard.

Seattle, Washington

Another great US city sitting beside the Pacific Ocean and boasting highly expensive residential real estate is Seattle, Washington. Seattle doesn’t benefit from a close proximity to any other major American urban locations but the broadly liberal and in many ways quite beautiful city certainly doesn’t lack any appeal when it comes to its luxury properties.

New York City, New York

Often referred to as being the capital of the world, New York City has an incredible variety of seriously expensive homes for well-off buyers or investors to choose from. As a famously liberal city, New York is as culturally rich and diverse as anywhere in America and its luxury homes are always as much in demand as any to be found anywhere in the world.

How to Handle Real Estate Deals?

Selling one of the most expensive properties is not an easy task.

Using a data room allows you to pitch several potential buyers simultaneously without being afraid of leakages.

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