Unhealthy Diet Can Ruin Your Brain

effects of an unhealthy diet

You might be fit and well now, but the effects of an unhealthy diet are likely to catch up with you sooner or later – and it’s not just the impact on the body that you need to be concerned over.

Just like sensitive information can be corrupted or destroyed if not protected with virtual data room, an unhealthy diet can also ruin your brain, according to numerous  studies.

So if you’re tempted to grab a burger on the run, you might want to think again after reading this: according to the experts, too many fatty foods can cause damage to the hypothalamus – that’s the bit of your brain responsible for regulating appetite, mood, sleep and other essential functions. This means if you want to stay ahead of your game – and in firm control of day-to-day challenges – it’s best to give the junk food a miss.

However, if you still can’t resist reaching for the nearest piece of junk food, then perhaps consider a further piece of research into the effects of an unhealthy diet. Experts from the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland say trans fats – those are the really unhealthy ones that are in most of your favorite junk food – can lead to the brain shrinking, which could one day lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

And if that is not enough to put you off your fast food dinner, the trans fats can also trigger inflammation, thus clogging your arteries and leaving you more prone to a heart attack. You can also look forward to having memory problems, a poor attention span and reduced processing skills – none of which are great if you have a business to run or a job to do.

However, it’s not just the trans fats that you might want to steer clear of. If the research is to be believed, there are a number of other foods you should give a wide berth. For instance, high glycaemic carbohydrates – those are the ones that turn into glucose far too quickly – are a definite no if you wish to try and hold on to your cognitive function.

As you have probably guessed, high glycaemic carbohydrates include many of your favorite foods such as candy, sugary breakfast cereals and white bread. These foods might provide the sugar rush you crave but they’ll also give you a sugar crash – then you’re guaranteed to not feel so great.

Finally, you probably already know that too much salt can send your blood pressure off the scale, but you might not know it won’t do much for your cognitive function either. According to the experts, a diet too full of salt has a negative effect on cognitive performance, and the impact is made worse if you don’t get enough exercise.

Now you have a better understanding of the effects of an unhealthy diet, you might be wondering if there is anything that you can actually eat without getting stricken down with something. The main advice everyone can take on board is to follow a healthy, balanced diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, low in salt and high in Omega 3 oils. And in case you’re getting worried, there’s no need to give up all of your junk food, but perhaps limit yourself to the occasional indulgence if you want stay on top form.

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