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Seb Constantine

Having first developed an interest in finance through working as a theatre and film producer during his studies at the University of Cambridge, Sebastian now mainly focuses on international banking and currencies. He is a published writer, reviewer and essayist.

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Geopolitical Issues to Watch in 2016

International emerging powers are progressively using their economic assets and resilience, which were exposed during the global financial crisis, to gain global control. Their influence is ...

The Story of the First Ever Hedge Fund

There is no real consensus about who invented the first ever hedge fund. While some believe it to have been Alfred Winslow Jones, others believe it to have been Benjamin Graham. So in this ...

How to Survive a Hostile Takeover

What is a hostile takeover? According to Investopedia, companies are usually bought through formal agreements between boards of directors of both companies - the one that is buying ...

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Time Acquired MySpace

In its latest quarterly earnings report, Time Inc. announced that it had acquired Viant, a company that is not only profitable but also includes a large ad tech wing, for an undisclosed ...

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