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Robert Erich

Robert has writing experience that crosses multiple genres including SEO blog posts, research-backed white papers, and engaging educational material. He has written for clients from all around the world and assisted companies in the fields of finance, B2B marketing, travel, customer service, and SaaS applications.

All posts by Robert Erich

New Uber Logo Lacks a Bit of Expressiveness

The black-and-white Uber app icon that defined the private ride-share Unicorn for the past 4 years has undergone a controversial overhaul. Driven by Travis Kalanick, Uber’s optimistic ...

The Surprising Number One Unicorn of 2015

Of the tech unicorns, Uber is Silicon Valley’s $62 billion dollar golden unicorn. After only 7 years of running the controversial “private car service,” Uber has received a higher private ...

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