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Mikki Donaldson

Mikki lives by her father’s early advice to always do two things: to listen to world news and to always pay herself first and invest a big chunk of income. Because of that, she trusts in plans such as the 401k, ISAs/IRAs and investing in stocks and real estate to provide and to protect a certain lifestyle. Her personal finance experience in investments guides her writing on startup and VC news.

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EU Banks Should Work Together to Survive

During these times, which seem to be most challenging for citizens banking in Europe, the thought or concern is that EU banks should work together to survive. The economic and political ...

Tesla’s Electric Car Review

Tesla's in a class all by itself and that's no quirky sales pitch either... it's the truth as I and a few others see it. The Model S is thought to be an exciting roadster that is by far the ...

Can We Stop with Coconut Water Already?

There always seems to be a new health craze and recently it’s coconut water that has been hitting the headlines. Coconut water, which is the fluid taken from young coconuts, has caught the ...

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