Product updates: H1 2022

Product Updates H2 2022

Improvements related to the project archiving

As soon as the project deal comes to the final stage, it’s essential to have a convenient, straightforward way to close the project and order encrypted flash drives with data room contents if needed. Our team has worked on developing the most efficient solution to fit any client requirements. Placing a flash drive order is now more flexible, allowing the selection of multiple preferences for each flash drive archive and adding multiple recipients of the respective archives within a single order.

Besides that, we have also switched to the most secure flash drive type – PIN authenticated hardware-encrypted – to ensure the safety of your data and ease of use.

Non-unique project names

We keep collecting feedback to understand users’ pains and solve them. As one of the results, we withdrew previous limitations on the project name: it no longer has to be unique neither for one client nor across other clients’ rooms.

User interface improvements

We aim to keep up with the world’s top-notch standards and improve interaction with our product for the end-users. As a part of the user experience boost, we are adding various changes to the application interface. For the seamless experience, we add these changes gradually, such as updating the icons, buttons, colors, and other tiny bits of the interface.

Additionally, we have reviewed and improved the look and feel of automatic email notifications to ease reading and comprehension of all the details.

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