This Startup Might Bring Internet to Every Home


This startup might bring internet to every home on Earth – don’t miss this investment opportunity

Most startup companies in any sector are ambitious and see themselves as reaching for the stars but only few will aim quite so high as a newly-created US company called OneWeb.

As once virtual data rooms changed corporate finance industry, it’s been said that OneWeb now is going to change the Internet.

OneWeb has set no less a target than to bring internet access to every town, city and individual in the world.

And with the company already making strides towards that lofty goal, OneWeb looks like a starry stock and, potentially, an investment opportunity that not to be missed.

Satellite innovation

The key to what OneWeb is aiming to achieve is the global coverage, which means reaching for the heavens in more ways than one as the company is looking to put hundreds of micro satellites into orbit around the Earth.

The Arlington, Virginia-based firm is aiming to soon have more than 600 low-cost, mass produced satellites in position and in orbit to radically add to the potential for internet access to be spread out worldwide at relatively little expense.

Global reach

As well as having lots of satellites in orbit around the world in order to try to bring internet access to more people and places, OneWeb’s technology incorporates elements that should mean that the scope of coverage they can enable is maximized.

So the company’s satellites are designed to “logically interlock” meaning that they are each able to provide coverage to distinct portions of the Earth below.

With the ultimate aim of course being that there are enough satellites in orbit to ensure that the entire surface of the planet might soon be catered to from an internet connectivity perspective.

Speedy access

In addition to targeting complete coverage of the planet, OneWeb is aiming to make sure that its internet services are competitive in terms of speed.

To this end its satellites will be relatively close to the ground and the surface of the Earth, which should then help ensure quality of web performance for anyone using the startup’s internet services wherever they are.

Developmental goals

An important aspect of what OneWeb is aiming to achieve by bringing internet connectivity to all parts of the world is a chance for communities across the globe to develop in ways that rely on web access. 

It has been demonstrated in countries and regions worldwide that opening up affordable access to the internet can spur growth, development and innovation in a huge variety of remarkable ways, as reported by Stanford.

Emergency services

Another context in which OneWeb’s services look set to be a real game-changer is with respect to emergency situations and particularly those that involve serious damage to large-scale infrastructures.

The company’s technology is being readied for deployment in disaster zones in the wake of earthquakes and hurricanes with the aim of bridging what can currently be dangerous or otherwise wholly unhelpful gaps in internet connectivity.

All of which is helping to see OneWeb make strong early progress as a startup company and a potential investment opportunity with very notable appeal.