Michelin Restaurants Setting Food Trends in New York Again


Typically, when one hears the name Michelin, the first thought that comes to mind is tires but you’d likely lose the farm guessing it would link to New York famous restaurants. Having a prestigious Michelin Star in your restaurant means you have been celebrated as a first choice dinning facility.

How it happened that a revolutionary tire company masterfully rate restaurants around the globe is yet another story. However, it only proves that diversification is one of the primary keys to an investor’s success.

The process of awarding the distinctive Michelin Star is relatively simple. A mystery diner goes to the assigned restaurant to eat while recording his or her review of the evening at the eatery. Later on, that review is discussed among the other members, and they all decide who will receive the stellar award.

How a star is characterized

Michelin rates primarily refined restaurants using up to three stars. The focus is on the chef’s technique, quality and personality of the food as well as consistency. Contrary is the evidence if a review is based on the restaurant’s condition or service. However, the silverware is under assessment as it denotes how lavish the establishment is.

• If you receive at least one star, it symbolizes that you are eating at a respectable place. It is worthy of a trip only if you are going that way.

• Awarded two stars and you can expect the dining experience to be breathtaking. It’s a restaurant that you would drive out-of-the-way for.

• When Michelin rewards an eating establishment with three stars, the indication is that you will be deeply satisfied will all of the amenities and ingredients of a perfectly crafted meal. This is a superior restaurant that you will have to wait for.

• The Michelin food critics also recognizes few restaurants with a “bib gourmand.” This modest award is reserved for those serving quality food at reasonable prices.

Not every restaurant receives this attention from the influential Michelin company. In addition to Michelin awarding stars, they have the power to take it away from you as well. Just ask the notorious Chef Gordon Ramsey. Surprising, one of his New York famous restaurants was revoked of two of its stars because of inconsistency.

In another case in 2003, a famous French chef committed suicide because of it. It’s common for a chef to take his or her profession and reputation seriously and with an unbridled passion. Being honored with a Michelin star is comparable to winning a Grammy award for music artists or a Noble Peace Prize.

Tim Ho Wan coming to NYC

Normally, a customer would have to pay high prices to eat at one of the discriminating New York famous restaurants, but not at Tim Ho Wan’s place. His restaurants are described as being no-frills chophouses. It’s one of the least expensive eateries on the list of Michelin starred eating places.

Wan’s first award came in 2009 as a result of the Michelin reviewers being taunted for only considering top shelf restaurants in their study and review. Plenty of remarkable establishments go unnoticed primarily due to their humble appearance and affordable, low prices.

Because of Michelin’s review, Wan’s business is exploding and other eateries are in the making. The expansions include the Philippines, New York, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Still, with all of these connections, you may have to wait hours for a seat at a table.

Michelin’s three star restaurant

It’s the only one belonging to Brooklyn, NY and to the Chef’s Table in Brooklyn Fare. The Chef’s Table is known for its cozy atmosphere and unique cuisine made expressly by Chef Cesar Ramirez. Chef Ramirez makes dining at this intimate cafe a sensational experience. There are 15 courses reflecting each season with daily modifications to the exciting Japanese inspired tasting menu.

Using a French technique, Chef Ramirez concentrates mainly on seafood dishes – including shellfish and raw fish. Currently, you will need to call several weeks in advance to secure a reservation for two or four guests and expect to pay approximately $300 for an unforgettable evening.

Michelin’s two star restaurant

Momofuku Noodle Bar, founded by David Chang in 2004, is the proud recipient of two Michelin stars. Chang has 13 restaurants around the world. Those would include eateries in Sydney, Washington, DC, Toronto, Canada and New York City, a culinary lab, a few bakeries located in NYC, The Milk Bar in Toronto, and 2 watering holes.

One of the secrets of Chang’s success is his use of local farmers and vendors in the area. The Momofuku includes ownership of Lucky Peach magazine. Chang is also involved in developing a new and innovative product and company known as Booker and Dax.

Of the 12 Michelin starred restaurants located throughout the US, there six New York famous restaurants awarded with three stars. The impressive list includes Le Bernardin, Eleven Madison Park, Jean-Georges, Masa and Per Se. You may want to put at least one of these on your Bucket List as Michelin restaurants setting food trends in New York again!

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