New Apps that Will Seriously Simplify Your Travel

best international travel apps

Apps are the lightest item that you can pack in your suitcase that will make the biggest differences. We all know about established holiday apps such as Airbnb and SkyScanner. But in a way that virtual data rooms simplify due diligence,  there are many more new best international travel apps that will seriously simplify your journey.

Jet lag. What jet lag?

There are apps for every aspect of your travel preparation. If you’re traveling far away and tend to suffer from jet lag, two apps can help you adjust. Entrain gives advice on adjusting lighting in order to compensate for jetlag, whilst Jetlag Genie tells you when to go to sleep to gradually accommodate a new time zone into your sleeping patterns.

Sun and snow radar

Especially if you’re going on a sporty holiday, having the best weather forecasts is paramount to proper planning. The Snow Report and On The Snow will give you the latest updates on fresh powder at your favorite ski resorts, whilst MSW Surf Forecast notifies you of the weather conditions before you hit the waves.

Let it pack

To make sure you’ve packed correctly, Packing Pro gives you tips on what to pack based on where you’re going and the length of your journey.

Avoid any annoying traffic

The journey itself can be fraught with complications. If you’re travelling by car, consider downloading Waze. Waze is a satnav app that is updated in real time with user-submitted travel reports, which will help avoid cutting your holiday time short with hours spent in stationary traffic.

Make better use of your precious time

For hard workers who want to make the most of their flight, Airsharing temporarily turns your phone into a portable hard drive, so you can keep reading your documents even after your laptop runs out of battery.

Accommodate yourself and not only with Airbnb

For accommodation, Airbnb is no longer the only option for budget travelers who want the perfect room. Stayful will haggle down the price of a hotel room of your choice, generally successfully, to what it deems reasonable by comparison to the rest of the market. Just input your budget, your preferred style of hotel, and the location you want, and Stayful will take care of the rest.

Talk the talk

To make sure you have fun whilst you’re abroad, it’s essential to be able to communicate. SayHi is an instant translator that has an audio function, and, if your bartender keeps you waiting for too long, Swearport tells you how to curse at them in any language.

Get the best museum buddy

If you don’t have a local friend to show you the city, then Hearplanet is a great alternative; it works very much like a museum audio-guide, explaining the historical background of tourist sites, but it shows you far more places and is much less unsightly than your traditional cumbersome black plastic box.

Keep it safe

If you’re going out and don’t want to lose your possessions, download the Tile app and attach a tiny Bluetooth tracker to your valuables. Even if you do drop your keys whilst you’re busting out moves on the dance floor, you’ll be able to track them on your smartphone.

Show off on social media

When you’re back home, make sure you download BonJournal to make a sleek document out of your photographs, sketches and notes. If you’ve downloaded these apps, you will have amazing memories to put into your chic travel journal.

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