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iDeals Virtual Data Room – Services delivery policy

These iDeals Virtual Data Room Services Delivery Policy (the “Policy”) sets out the provisions pursuant to which iDeals Virtual Data Room Services (the “Services”) are delivered to the Client based on the terms of the services delivery agreement between the Client and iDeals Solutions Group S.A. or its affiliate, subsidiary or authorized distributer (collectively, “Deals”) named in the services delivery agreement. This Policy shall be in addition to services delivery agreement between the Client and iDeals, where inconsistent with this Policy such services delivery agreement will supersede this Policy.

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room (the “Data Room”) is a software web-application, intended primarily for use by data room users for the secured exchange of critical business information in a fully electronic environment. Access to Data Room is provided to the Client through the website Data room users will be provided access to Data Room by means of username and password authentication. The permissions and rights of Data Room users will be determined by the Client’s Deal Managers.

  1. iDeals will make available or any other webpage containing the imbedded “sign up” frame which results in automatic access to iDeals’ webpage allowing the creation and use of Data Room.
  2. The Client will appoint one or several Deal Managers who will be provided with a Data Room administrator login and password to access the Data Room, manage Client data and to permit other Users to access and use the Client data the way they were authorized by a Deal Manager. Deal Managers will be provided with monitoring, statistics and control tools. The Client/Deal Manager uploads data to the Data Room or if necessary provides data for the Data Room ready to be uploaded by iDeals.
  3. Other Data Room users will be permitted/denied to access Data Room on the date decided by the Client/Deal Managers.
  4. The Client acknowledges that each Data Room user and Data Room Deal Manager is required to agree to iDeals™ Virtual Data Room Terms of Use prior to being permitted to access and use the Data Room.
  5. Data Room users’ access to the Data Room will be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the term of Services.
  6. Upon termination or expiration of services delivery agreement iDeals terminates access of the Client and other Data Room users to the Data Room; on the terms defined by services delivery agreement iDeals will return all materials contained in the Data Room to the Client on a USB flash drive and upon written request made by the Client/Deal Manager iDeals will delete all the Client data from its hosting system.