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Seaboard Has Bought Christensen Farms Assets on iDeals Data Room

Seaboard Has Bought Christensen Farms Assets

iDeals Solutions has participated in an agricultural deal as the secure vendor of due diligence platform.

It has been announced that the overall cost of assets bought by Seaboard Foods is approximately estimated to be $71.1 million.

iDeals Virtual Data Room has been instrumental throughout the transaction and proved once again to be adaptive and applicable to many different areas, including agricultural industry.

According to the Seaboard’s Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents, the purchase is expected to help meet supply commitments.


Christensen Farms, a shareholder in Triumph Foods LLC, is one of the biggest nation pork producers headquartered in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.


Seaboard Foods LLC, a member of the joint venture Seaboard Triumph Foods, is the owner of pork processing facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri and Sioux City, Iowa.


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