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iDeals Supported the Acquisition of Online Retailer

Personalization Mall_iDeals VDR

PersonalizationMall has been purchased by Bed Bath & Beyond for around $190 million. By acquiring PMall, Bed Bath & Beyond expects to improve their personalized products. The merging of PMall and Bed Bath & Beyond creates a single Internet Retailer that would be able to generate $794.million in profit, according to the estimates.

iDeals had become a platform of choice for due diligence process. The parties involved in due diligence process praised improved iDeals features, such as limiting the number of questions and advanced Boolean search.


PersonalizationMall is a gift e-retailer that offers its customers possibility to buy personalized products quick and easy. Based in Burr Ridge, Illinois.


Bed Bath & Beyond is a chain of retail stores of household goods and home appliances, operating in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.


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