Hong Kong IPO Handbook 2020

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* The report is in English

As a VDR service provider trusted by over 800 law firms, iDeals Group is honored to be invited by ALB to participate in compiling this 2020 Hong Kong IPO Handbook. In this handbook, we shared several tips on how to use VDR to accelerate the IPO process and ensure the security and compliance in the exchange of critical information.

Since the first publication in 2015, this handbook received wide acclaim, eventually making this handbook a must-read step-by-step manual for firms seeking to raise public capital. This new handbook, which took ALB a year to put together, covers the following 13 topics and chapters:

  1. Hong Kong Dual-Class Shares
  2. The Legal Issues Related to the Listing of Red Chips
  3. IPO Application Process
  4. The Role of Sponsors and Underwriters
  5. Managing the IPO Marketing Process
  6. Suitability of Listing
  7. Specific Listing Issues
  8. International Offerings
  9. TAX Considerations in an IPO
  10. Choosing Your Offshore Listing Vehicle – Key Factors to Consider
  11. Best Use of an Effective Online Investor Relations Plan for IPO
  12. Corporate Governance of a Listed Issuer
  13. Special Consideration for Chinese Firms Listing on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

The content of each theme is closely linked to the key nodes of the IPO in Hong Kong and is specially written by the top professional service institutions carefully selected by ALB and strives to give readers a refined and relatively comprehensive IPO handbook of Hong Kong. Bring real help to your work. We are happy to share this handbook with you.