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Business Plan Agreement Hong Kong Delivery Order



These Terms and Conditions of Service, Subscription Plan “Business”, are entered into as of the date set forth in the Delivery Order, by and between the Client and iDeals Solutions Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong, whose registered office is located at: Unit 1521, 15/F., Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (“iDeals”) (each, a “Party”, and together, the “Parties”). /

客户与位于香港九龙尖沙咀梳士巴利道3号星辰大厦15楼1521室iDeals Solutions Limited(“iDeals”)(分称“一方”,合称“双方”)签订的本条款与条件,订购方案“商务版”于协议书规定的生效日期即告生效。


iDeals Virtual Data Room Delivery Order (the “Agreement”): / iDeals商务版虚拟数据室交付订单(“协议”):Delivery Order signed by the Client and these Terms and Conditions of Service, Subscription Plan “Business”. / 客户签署的交付订单和本服务条款和条件,订购计划“商务版”。
Binary files: / 二进制档:files that cannot be converted to secured PDF format. Files of type *.pdf, *.txt, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsm, *.xlsx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pub, *.rtf, *.htm, *.html, *.mht, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.gif, *.bmp, *.png, *.tif, *.tiff, *.wmf, *.flv, *.mov, *wmv, *.m4v, *.mpg, *.mxf, *.mkv, *.3gp, *.mpeg, *.ts, *.asf *.fv4, *.xlsm, *.mp4, *.avi are successfully supported. File of type *.dwg shall be considered as a binary file as by default conversion of such files is turned off. 无法转换为安全PDF格式的文件。文件类型为*.pdf、pdf,*.txt,*.txt,*.doc,*.DOX,*.DOX,*.xls,*.xlsm,*.XL,*.XL,*.xlsx,*.xlsx,*.ppt,*.pptx,*.pptx,*.pub,*.rtf,*.rtf,*.HT,*.html,*.mht,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.jpe,*.gif,,*.bmp,,*.PN,,*.tif,*tif,*tiff,*wmf,*flv,,*mov,*wmv,,*m4v,,,*mpg,,*mxf,,,,*3 GP,*3gp,*3gp,,*3gp,,*3gp,*3 GP,,,*3 GP,*3gp,,,*3,成功支持.mpeg、*.ts、*.asf*.fv4、*.xlsm、*.mp4、*.avi。当默认情况下关闭此类文件的转换时,*.dwg类型的文件应被视为二进制文件。 Files of type *.mp4, *.mov, *.avi, *.wmv, *.m4v, *.mpg, *.mxf, *.mkv, *.3gp, *.mpeg, *.ts, *.asf, *.f4v are successfully converted and available for secure viewing, but there is no possibility to convert them to secured PDF format. Files of the above-mentioned type which are larger than 15 Gb cannot be converted. *.mp4、*.mov、*.avi、*.wmv、*.m4v、*.mpg、*.mxf、*.mkv、*.3gp、*.mpeg、*.ts、*.asf、*.f4v类型的文件已成功转换并可用于安全查看,但无法将其转换为安全的PDF格式。上述类型的大于15GB的文件无法转换 Binary files may be opened only in original format and can’t have any security restrictions. Such files are encrypted with 256-bit TLS during transfer to/from the server. 二进制文件只能以原始格式打开,不能有任何安全限制。在与服务器的传输过程中,这些文件使用256位TLS进行加密。 / 无法用于安全查看和打印的文件。 只有* .pdf,* .txt,* .doc,* .docx,* .xls,*。xlsx,* .ppt,* .pptx,* .pub,* .rtf,* .htm,*类型的文件。 可以支持html,* .mht,* .jpg,* .jpeg,*。jpe,* .gif,* .bmp,* .png,* .tif,* .tiff,* .wmf进行安全查看和打印。 二进制文件只能以原始格式打开,不能有任何安全限制。 在向/从服务器传输期间,使用256位TLS对这些文件进行加密。
Client Data: / 客户数据: Corporate account: / 公司账户any documents or information, whether in printed or electronic format, provided by or on behalf of the Client for the purposes of the Services, including documents and information chosen by or on behalf of the Client to be uploaded to the Data Room. / 备服务之用,由客户提供或代客户提供的纸质版或电子版的任何文件或信息,包括由客户或代客户选择上传到数据室的文件和信息。 this feature authorizes Users to manage multiple Data Rooms under a specific agreement between iDeals and the Client. / 此功能授权用户根据iDeals和客户端之间的特定协议管理多个数据室。/
Data Room Index: / 数据室索引: Account administrator: 管理员账户the architecture for the Data Room files, provided by or on behalf of the Client in order to organize the information within the Data Room so that the documents can be consulted by the targeted Users. / 由客户或代客户所提供的数据室档结构,将数据室内的信息系统化,以便目标使用者可查阅文件。 those Users, designated by the Full account administrator and/or by account manager or support representative from iDeals. Such Account administrator(s) have the authority to create a new Data Room(s) associated with corresponding account and during such creation they shall designate the Project administrator(s) of the Data Room(s). Such Account administrator(s) can be disabled by the Full account administrator. / 这些用户由完整的帐户管理员和/或由iDeals的客户经理或支持代表指定。该账户管理员有权创建与相应账户相关的新数据室,在创建过程中,应指定数据室的项目管理员。完全帐户管理员可以禁用此类帐户管理员。/
Project administrators (also referred to as Deal Managers): / 项目管理员 (也称为交易经理):those Users, designated by Full account administrator, by Account administrator, by another Project administrator or by support representative from iDeals, who act as administrator of the Data Room and have the authority to manage Data Room in relation to the Services. Throughout the entire duration of the Project, they will be the key contacts for the Account administrator(s) and will, consequently, be in a position to guide the Data Room in terms of strategy. Such Users can be disabled by other Project administrators of the Data Room. 这些用户,由完整管理员、账户管理员、其他项目管理员或iDeals支持代表指定,他们作为数据室管理员,有权管理与服务相关的数据室。在整个项目期间,他们将是客户管理员的主要联系人,因此能够在战略方面指导数据室。数据室的其他项目管理员可以禁用这些用户 / 由客户以书面形式指定的用户,他们充当数据室的管理员,并有权管理与服务相关的数据室。 在整个项目期间,他们将能够在战略方面指导数据室。
iDeals VDR: (the “Data Room”) / (“数据室”)iDeals’ proprietary database through which authorized Users may process, store, access and communicate with various kinds of documents, all in electronic format, intended for the purposes of the Project. / iDeals专有的数据库,获授权使用者可通过其处理、存储、接触与交流各类文件,全为电子格式,备项目之用。
Delivery Order / 交付订单:a written instrument confirming the order for Services. Each duly executed Delivery Order shall be incorporated into and become a part of the Agreement between the Parties. / 证实服务订购的书面文具。每项及时生效的交付订单将融入双方之间的协议并构成其部分。
Project: / 项目:the Client’s on-going business for which purpose the Data Room is opened and Services are provided. / 客户现有的经营活动,开放数据室与提供服务以之为目的。
Full account administrator: 完整管理员those Users, designated by another Full account administrator of the Data Room, by account manager or support representative from iDeals or who can be self-appointed during creation of new Data Room and have the authority to access Corporate account setting page and/or to overview information regarding account properties (account name, agreement number, account subscription) and/or to overview information regarding list of Account administrators and their permissions and/or to overview full list of projects associated with corresponding account and/or to edit account name and/or to manage list of the Account administrators and/or Full account administrator(s) (to add new Account administrator(s) and/or Full account administrator(s), to change permissions set for Account administrator(s) and/or Full account administrator(s) or delete Account administrator(s)) and/or Full account administrator(s) and/or to request a subscription update and/or to create new Projects within the Corporate account, and during such Project(s) creation the Full account administrator shall designate the Project administrator(s). Such Full account administrator of the Corporate account can be disabled by another Full account administrator. 这些用户由数据室的另一个完整管理员、iDeals的客户经理或支持代表指定,或在创建新数据室时可以自行指定,并有权访问公司帐户设置页面和/或查看有关帐户属性的概述信息(帐户名,协议号、帐户订阅)和/或有关帐户管理员列表及其权限的概述信息和/或概述与相应帐户关联的项目的完整列表和/或编辑帐户名称和/或管理帐户管理员和/或完全帐户管理员的列表(添加新帐户管理员和/或完全帐户管理员,更改为帐户管理员和/或完全帐户管理员设置的权限,或删除帐户管理员和/或完全帐户管理员和/或请求订阅更新和/或在公司帐户中创建新项目,在项目创建过程中,完整账户管理员应指定项目管理员。公司帐户的完全帐户管理员可以被另一个完整帐户管理员禁用。/ /
Solution: / 解决方案:the software developed and operated by iDeals for the deployment and functioning of electronic data rooms. / 由iDeals就电子数据室的运用和运行而开发和操作的软件解决方案。
Guest Users or Users: / 访问用户或用户:the individuals, invited by Project administrator of the Data Room or identified in writing by Project administrator, who have permission to access the Data Room, review the Client Data and perform actions according to access level provided by the Project administrators 经由资料室项目管理员邀请或项目管理员书面确认,有权进入资料室的个人,根据项目管理员提供的访问级别,对客户数据进行审查、采取行动。 / 由客户或代客户书面识別并获授权登入数据室以浏览客户数据的人士。


2.1. As a part of “Business” subscription plan iDeals will provide the following Services necessary to make the Client Data available for access and use by Users for the specific business purpose:


  • deployment of one or several Data Rooms; 部署一个或多个数据室
  • uploading up to 250 GB of Client Data at the cost defined in Delivery Order and its storage in a specific order (user-friendly or in accordance with other Client’s requirements); 在订单上确认的价格内,最多上传最多250 GB的客户数据,并按特定顺序存储(方便用户使用或者根据其他客户的要求情况下);
  • designation of an unlimited number of Deal Managers (Project administrators) by another Project administrator(s), by Full account administrator, by Account administrator(s), or by support representative from iDeals; 由另一名项目管理员或完整管理员或账户管理员或来自iDeal的支持代表来指定交易经理数量,无上限(项目管理员)
  • invitation of unlimited Users by the Deal Managers; 完整管理员可以邀请无上限用户
  • technical maintenance of the Data Room 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; 每周7天、每天24小时对资料室进行技术维护;
  • ensuring guaranteed access (24×7) to the Data Room via Internet on PC, Mac and tablet computers,确保PC、Mac和平板电脑可以通过互联网24小时访问数据室
  • project management, trainings and support services: 项目管理、培训和技术支持
    • live trainings with an expert (unlimited) 专家现场培训(无限制)
    • ensuring operation of Help Center, 确保帮助中心的正常运行
    • premier customer support via telephone and e-mail (support response 15 minutes), 通过电话、在线聊天和电子邮件(支持响应15分钟)提供优先的客户支持;
    • customer support in 7 languages; 七种语言的客户支持
    • project index portfolio by industry; 按行业分类的项目指数组合   
    • professional services (translation, scanning and other behind the scene services)2. 专业服务(翻译,扫描等幕后服务)       
  • customization and integration services: 定制与集成服务
    • custom branding (corporate identity); 定制品牌(企业形象)
    • custom terms of access; 定制访问条款
    • custom login page; 自定义登录页面
    • custom invitation, documents, Q&A letters; 定制邀请函、文件、答疑函
    • custom “Fence View” mode; 自定义栅栏视图
    • seamless login from client’s website using VDR login form; 使用VDR登录表单从客户网站无缝登录
  • ensuring document management services: 文件管理确保服务
    • conversion of all major and additional(such as*,dwg.*.mp4 etc.)file formats; 所有主要文件格式以及其他文件(的转换
    • multilingual document index; 多语种文档索引
    • drag and drop upload; 拖放上传
    • desktop upload and sync; 桌面上传和同步
    • bulk operations; 批量操作
    • automatic index numbering; 自动索引编号
    • file merging; 文件合并
    • index import from Excel, Word, etc; 从Excel、Word等导入索引
  • ensuring the following document security options for the protection of Client Data: 确保以下文件安全选项,以保护客户端数据:
    • granular document permissions; 细粒度的文档权限
    • preview permissions as any user; 与任何用户预览权限
    • view-only access; 只限查看访问
    • customizable dynamic watermarks; 可定制的动态水印
    • 8 levels of document access; 8级文档访问
    • remote shred/ information rights management; 远程碎片/信息权限管理
    • screenshot prevention with Fence View; 栅栏视图防止截图
    • ultimate protection from content sharing; 内容共享的终极保护
  • ensuring the following user management and access security options: 确保以下用户管理和访问安全选项:
    • single or bulk user invitation; 单个或批量用户邀请
    • roles and groups management; 角色和小组管理
    • granular user access control; 细粒度的用户访问控制
    • access expiration by time; 访问按时间到期
    • two-factor authentication (enforceable by Project administrators or Users); 双因素认证】(由项目管理员或用户强制执行)
    • access restriction by IP address; IP地址限制访问
  • ensuring tracking and reports: 确保跟踪和报告:
    • track user activity, 跟踪用户活动
    • detailed audit trail1, 详细审计记录graphic reports; 图形报告
    • summary reports; 总结报告
    • export to excel;excel导出
    • scheduled reports sent by email; 通过电子邮件发送预定报告
  • ensuring functionality of the following features: 确保以下功能
    • new document notifications; 新文件通知
    • notes and comments; 注释和评论
    • link sharing; 链接分享
    • FileOpenPlugin for encrypted PDF files opening; 用于加密PDF文件打开的fileopenplugin
    • multilingual access; 多语言访问
    • desktop sync;桌面同步
    • mobile access; 移动访问
    • mobile apps for ios & android; 用于ios和android的移动应用
    • scroll-through document viewer; 滚动文档查看器
    • secure spreadsheet viewer; 安全电子表格查看器full-text search; 全文搜索
    • optical character recognition; 光学字符识别
    • questions and answers tool (standard workflow); 问答工具(标准工作流程)
  • data hosting, compliance and availability: 数据托管、合规和可用性
    • iDeals’ data centers in 9 regions; iDeals’9个区域的数据中心
    • 99.95% uptime; 99.95%正常运行时间
    • SSOC 1/2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS compliance; ssoc 1/2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS符合性
    • SSL/TLS with 2048-bit RSA data transfer encryption; ssl /TLS与2048位RSA数据传输加密
    • 256-bit AES data at rest encryption; 256位AES数据静止加密
    • public cloud deployment; 公共云部署
  • Document redaction. Redaction tool allows to remove texts or areas from the documents in the Data Room containing any sensitive or confidential information. Redacted content appears blacked-out for the Users: 隐藏文档敏感内容。此工具是对包含敏感或机密信息的文本或区域从数据室文档中进行隐藏。对于用户而言,已编辑内容会显示为黑块:
    • Redaction tool comes with two redaction modes available: Search & redact and Redact area; / 此工具提供两种可用的编辑模式:文本搜索隐藏编辑和区域隐藏编辑;
    • Redaction is allowed for all documents except for Binary files, video, Excel formats and Q&A attachments; / 除二进制文档、视频、Excel格式和问答集附件外,允许对所有文件使用隐藏功能;
    • Documents can be filtered by the redaction status; / 文档可以根据敏感内容隐藏操作状态进行筛选;
    • Project administrators are allowed to make all redaction-related actions, including unredacting; / 允许项目管理员对文档进行敏感内容隐藏的所有相关操作,及对其撤销;
    • Users with upload permission for the documents in the Data Room are allowed to redact such documents, access, create and delete drafts; / 允许对数据室中的文件具有上传权限的用户对此文件进行敏感内容隐藏操作,及访问、生成和删除草稿;
    • All redaction actions are registered in all actions reports which are available to Project administrators. / 所有隐藏操作都能在项目管理员的“所有操作”报告中找到。

2.2. Additional services available to the Client are indicated below. All Additional services will be undertaken at iDeals’ rates set forth in Delivery Order or other legally binding instrument. 客户端可用的其他服务如下所示。所有附加服务将按交货单中规定的iDeals价格或者其它法律约束条款提供。

  • Extra services – Support team man-hour; 额外服务——支持团队工时;
  • Extra services – Development team man-hour; 额外服务——开发团队工时;
  • Data Room archive; 资料室档案;

1 except printing of the IRM encrypted documents列印IRM加密的文件除外


3.1. iDeals undertakes to maintain security and confidentiality of the Client Data entrusted to it for the purposes of the Services. The security and confidentiality will be ensured by means of the following Data Room security features: / iDeals承诺维持客户数据的安全性与保密性,备服务之用。安全性与保密性通过数据室以下安全功能确保:

a) Each User will be identified by username and password (the “User ID”). / 每一个使用者通过用户名和密码识别(“使用者身份”).

b) Two-factor authentication. Standard password protected access to the Data Room can be further tightened through the use of a one-time randomly generated SMS code, sent to the authorized User’s mobile phone and required for that user and current session only; / 双重验证系统。标准的数据室按密码登入保护可进一步加强,可将一次性随机生成密码发送到获授权使用者的手机,这一次性密码只适用于该名使用者,并仅在当时的一段时间内有效。

c) Digital Rights Management. iDeals offers tools (i.e. restriction of access to the menu, toolbar and right-click methods of copying text) that allow a group-based definition of access permissions for all Users. Given the role of each group of Users the Client/Deal Managers will be able to allow or restrict viewing, copying, printing, downloading of source documents (either in secured or in original format) and uploading documents, as well as to restrict group access to the Client Data by level, date and IP-address. / 数字权利管理。iDeals提供工具(即限制访问菜单,工具栏和右键单击复制文本的方法),允许基于组的所有用户访问权限定义。 鉴于每组用户的角色,客户/交易经理将能够允许或限制查看,复制,打印,下载源文档(以安全或原始格式)和上传文档,以及限制组访问 按级别,日期和IP地址分配给客户数据。

d) Document encryption. Every non-binary electronic document will be converted to Adobe PDF format and encrypted. All non-binary data both uploaded to the Data Room server and downloaded from the server is encrypted with 2048-bit TLS on a transfer level and when displaying/printing with AES 256-bit. All files in rest stored in data centers are encrypted with AES 256-bit. Non-binary secure file formats *.xls, *.xlsx, *xlsm have additional security features such as: hidden formulas, secure formulas display mode with copy restriction. / 文件加密。每份非二进制电子文件将换成Adobe PDF格式。所有向数据室上传的与从数据室下载的非二进制数据在传输过程中用256位TLS加密,在显示/打印过程中用256位AES加密。所有存储在数据中心的档用256位AES加密。非二进制受保护的档格式xls、xlsx、xlsm具有额外安全特性,包括隐藏公式和受保护的公式显示状态(限制公式复制)

e) Information Right Management (IRM). Security feature implementing through integration of the Solution with third party software – Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (Microsoft AD RMS) in Windows – used in Windows OS for ultimate protection from content sharing, copying, forwarding or screen captures, and enables revoking of access to the IRM encrypted file even if it has been downloaded. / 信息权限管理(IRM)。 通过将解决方案与第三方软件集成实现的安全功能 – Windows中的Microsoft Active Directory权限管理服务(Microsoft AD RMS) – 用于Windows操作系统,以实现内容共享,复制,转发或屏幕捕获的最终保护,并可以撤消访问权限 到IRM加密文件,即使它已被下载。

f) Watermarking. Each document page viewed by a User is stamped with a dynamically embedded watermark to prevent camera-based attacks. The watermark displays the Data Room, User’s name and email, company, IP address, current date and time of access. The watermark will not interfere with the ability to read the document as it will only appear in the background of each page. The watermark pattern can be changed or switched off by the Project administrator(s). / 水印技术。使用者检视的每张文件页面都会盖有动态化的嵌入式水印,以防受到摄影机入侵。水印显示读取文件的使用者的数据室、名称、邮件、公司、IP地址、当前日期和时间。水印将不会妨碍使用者阅览文件,但只会以每个页面的背景般出现。项目管理员可以关闭水印。

g) Fence View. Fence view feature is used to provide additional security layer against camera-based attacks. / 栅栏检视。防护栏显示功能用于另外提供一层保护,以防受到摄影机入侵。

3.2. All access permissions and security options are managed by the Client/Deal Manager by means of tools provided in the Data Room. The Service Provider can change the access permissions and customize security options only on Client/Deal Manager’s written request. / 所有访问权限和安全选项均由客户/交易管理器通过数据室中提供的工具进行管理。 服务提供商只能根据客户/交易经理的书面请求更改访问权限并自定义安全选项。

3.3. The security levels implemented by iDeals are guaranteed only to the extent that they are guaranteed by the main publishers of software used for the encryption and digital rights management (FileOpen Systems, Microsoft AD RMS, and Adobe for PDF files), distribution format (Adobe for PDF files) and the distribution medium (Microsoft). / iDeals实施的安全级别仅在用于加密和数字版权管理的软件主要发布者(FileOpen系统,Microsoft AD RMS和Adobe for PDF文件),分发格式(Adobe for PDF文件)和分发媒体(Microsoft)。

3.4. The Client and Users shall be responsible for ensuring confidentiality of their respective User IDs. In no event iDeals shall be liable for a breach of confidentiality provisions to the extent such breach is a result of the Client or a User failing to maintain the confidentiality of its User ID or other failing to fulfill its security and confidentiality obligations. / 客户和使用者负责确保其使用者身份的保密性。若因客户或使用者未能维持其使用者身份保密性或以其他方式未能履行其安全与保密责任而违反保密条款,iDeals在任何情况下为上述违反不承担责任。

4. DATA ROOM SET UP / 数据室筹备

4.1. The Project administrator will adapt settings of the Data Room in accordance with its specifications. / 项目管理员将它的规格改编其软件应用程式的设定

4.2. The Client uploads data to the Data Room. / 客户端将数据上载到数据室

4.3. Starting from the date decided by the Client/Deal Manager, iDeals shall allow Users access to the Data Room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the term of Services. / 从客户/交易经理决定的日期开始,iDeals应允许用户在服务期限内每周7天,每天24小时访问数据室。

4.4. The Project administrators from the Data Room shall provide respective access rights to the Data Room for Users. This list of Users may be changed by the Deal Manager at any time (by deleting Users from the list, or adding new Users, or limiting/increasing certain Users’ access rights) directly from the Data Room


. / 客户/交易经理应向iDeals提供用户列表及其联系方式和电子邮件以及对数据室的各自访问权限。 客户/交易经理可以随时通过向iDeals发送书面请求来更改此列表(通过从列表中删除用户,或添加新用户,或限制/增加某些用户的访问权限)。


The Full account administrator or Account administrator will appoint Deal Managers (Project administrator(s)) who will be provided with User IDs and initial passwords to access the Data Room, manage Client Data and to permit other Users to access and use the Client Data the way they were authorized by a Deal Manager. Client authorizes iDeals to act on instructions provided by its Full account administrator with respect to provision of Services, the management of Data Room and Client Data. After the Data Room is opened to Users, which implies the Project administrator will, among other things, be entitled to permit other Users to access to the Data Room, manage Users’ access rights to Client Data, upload and manage Client Data, identify, coordinate and organise Users taking part in the “Questions & Answers” exchanges”, choose optional services to be provided. Full account administrator(s) and/or Deal Manager(s)(Project administrator(s)) will ensure that iDeals will receive the documents and information that are essential to the Project and the provision of the Services.


/ 客户指定一名或几名交易经理,交易经理获得使用者身份和初始密码以登入数据室、管理客户数据、授权其他使用者根据交易经理设定的权限读取和使用客户信息。客户授权iDeals在提供服务、管理数据室和客户数据方面根据其交易经理的指示行动。客户承认,在数据室筹备时与数据室向使用者开放后,给予其交易经理「管理人员」身份的数据室登入权以及监视、统计和控制工具。这意味着交易经理有权允许其他使用者登入数据室、管理使用者读取客户数据的权利、上传和管理客户数据、识别、统筹和安排使用者参与“问答集”交流”,选择可选服务得以提供。交易经理确保iDeals获得对项目和提供服务而言属重要的文件和信息。


6.1. The payments can be made by payment card of international card organizations, by bank cheque and(or) by wire transfer. / 可以通过国际卡组织的支付卡,银行支票和(或)电汇进行付款。

6.2. By choosing payment card as a payment method in section 3 of the Delivery Order,, the Client hereby authorizes iDeals and its Affiliates to charge its account in the amount of Base Fee and fees for Additional services as per invoicing schedule. / 客户根据交付订单第3条通过选择付款卡作为付款方式,客户特此授权iDeals及其关联公司按照开票时间向其帐户收取基本费用和其他服务费用。The Client may revoke its authorization to iDeals’ auto-charging its account by sending email at: . / 客户可以通过发送电子邮件至billing@idealscorp.com撤销其对iDeals自动向其帐户收费的授权。

6.3. iDeals will continue to charge the Client for the use of Data Room(s) and the Service provided until and unless: / iDeals将继续向客户收取使用数据室和提供的服务的费用,除非:

  • the Client notifies iDeals in writing of its intent not to extend the Agreement at least 5 (five) business days prior to the end of Free-trial, Primary or any Follow-on Term respectively, or; / 客户分别在免费试用,主要任期或任何后续任期结束前至少五(5)个工作日以书面形式通知iDeals其意图不延长协议;或者;
  • the last Project (Data Room) is terminated by or at the written direction of the Client on the last day of respectively Free-trial, Primary term or on the last day of any Follow-on Term period the latest. / 最后一个项目(数据室)由客户在以下网站终止或在其书面指示下终止分别在免费试用,主要任期的最后一天或任何后续行动的最后一天 期限最新。

6.4. Amount payable by the Client under the Delivery Order are exclusive of all applicable taxes. The Client shall be responsible for all applicable sales, use, value-added, withholding and similar taxes imposed by any governmental entity based on the Services, except for taxes based on iDeals’ net income. If applicable law requires the Client to withhold amounts on payments owed to iDeals pursuant to the Delivery Order, the Client shall (i) effect such withholding and remit such amounts to the appropriate taxing authorities, and (ii) ensure that, after such deduction or withholding, iDeals receives and retains, free from liability for such deduction or withholding, a net amount equal to the amount iDeals would have received and retained in the absence of such required deduction or withholding. / 客户根据交付订单应付的金额不包括所有适用的税费。 除基于iDeals净收入的税收外,客户应负责任何基于服务的政府机构实施的所有适用的销售,使用,增值,扣缴和类似税收。 如果适用法律要求客户根据交货订单扣留欠iDeals的付款金额,客户应(i)扣留并将此类款项汇至相应的税务机关,并且(ii)确保在扣除后或 扣缴,iDeals收取并保留免于此类扣除或扣缴的责任,净额等于iDeals在没有此类扣除或扣缴的情况下将收到和保留的金额。

6.5. iDeals may charge interest on overdue payments (whether before or after any court judgement) in the amount of 0,1% from the overdue amount for each day of delay, starting after 10 days from the moment such delay occurred. Without prejudice to another legal rights according to the Agreement, iDeals shall have the right to close the Data Room, disconnect the service or terminate the Agreement in case of delayed payment for more than 10 (ten) calendar days from the moment such delay occurred. / 可以从延迟发生之日起10天后开始,对逾期付款(无论是在任何法院判决之前或之后)收取逾期金额0.1%的延迟金额的利息。

6.6. The fees are calculated based on the total Client Data loaded to the Data Room after its opening as per section 1 of the Delivery Order. For the avoidance of doubt, in case the Client uploads Client Data not intended for uploading (e.g. wrong data wrong format or equivalent) to the Data Room then the Client may delete such data from the Data Room including the Recycle bin within 3 days and inform iDeals’ billing team at: of such deletion within 5 business days. In this case such unintentionally uploaded Client Data shall not be counted against applicable limits for billing purposes, provided that no User performed any action with such unintentionally uploaded Client Data. 费用是根据资料室开放后载入的客户数据总量,按交付订单第1节计算。为避免疑义,如果客户上传原不打算上传的客户数据(例如错误的数据格式错误或等效)到数据室,客户可以在3天内从数据室(包括回收站)删除此类数据并通知 iDeals的账单团队在5个工作日内删除此类账户。 在这种情况下,此类无意上载的客户数据不得计入适用的计费限额,此前提是没有用户对此类无意上载的客户数据执行任何操作。

/ 费用根据1.1小节开放后加载到数据室的客户数据总计算。 交货单。 为避免疑义,如果客户上传不打算上传的客户数据(例如错误的数据格式错误或等效)到数据室,客户可以在3天内从数据室(包括回收站)删除此类数据并通知 iDeals的账单团队:billing@idealscorp.com在5个工作日内删除此类账户。 在这种情况下,此类无意上载的客户数据不得计入适用的计费限额,前提是没有用户对此类无意上载的客户数据执行任何操作。

6.7. The Contact Person listed in section 4 of the Delivery Order is authorized to receive all invoices and communication related to invoicing that will be sent by iDeals to the Client. Any invoice, communication or notice sent to the Contact Person shall be deemed as received by the Client. The Client shall promptly update iDeals on any change of the above details by sending a written notice at: / 交付订单第4部分中列出的联系人有权接收iDeals将发送给客户的与发票相关的所有发票和通信。 发送给联系人的任何发票,通信或通知应视为客户收到。 客户应通过发送书面通知,及时更新iDeals以更改上述详细信息。

6.8. Support team man-hour and Development team man-hour Extra services mentioned in clause 2.2. of the Agreement includes (but is not limited to) services provided by iDeals upon Client’s or its Admin’s request manual processing of poorly scanned documents – rotation of pages, contrast adjustment, renaming documents, closing of data room(s), double numbering of contained of data room(s), set up of two-step verification for data room(s), possible preparations according to recording, partial downloading of the documents, structure changing, removal of password protection in PDF file, assignment of permission to Excel files, setting print area in MS Excel files, downloading and(or) loading large amount of data from and(or) to data room(s), preparation of reports and(or) statistics on the loaded data from data room(s) and(or) uploaded data to data room(s). / 第2.2节中提到的支持团队工时和开发团队工时的额外服务。 协议的内容包括(但不限于)应客户或其管理员要求由iDeals提供的服务,即手动处理扫描不良的文档-页面旋转,对比度调整,重命名文档,关闭数据室,资料室所载资料的双重编号, 对数据室进行两步验证,根据记录进行可能的准备工作,部分下载文件,更改结构,取消PDF文件中的密码保护,分配对Excel文件的权限 ,在MS Excel文件中设置打印区域,从和/或将大量数据下载和(或)加载到数据室,准备报告和(或)从数据室加载的数据的统计数据和 (或)将数据上传到数据机房。


The Client represents and warrants that: 客户声明与保证:

a) it has all necessary rights in and to the Client Data to be provided to iDeals and/or uploaded to the Data Room; / 其在客户数据提供给iDeals和/或上传到数据室方面具有一切必要的权限;

b) it will not upload and distribute by means of the Data Room any files which content violates the applicable laws and regulations or rights of any third person, / 其不通过数据室上传或发布任何包含违反所适用法律法规或侵犯第三方权利内容的档;

c) its execution and performance of the Agreement does not and will not violate any applicable law, regulation, a decision of any governmental and judicial authority or third party rights in any respect. / 其草拟和履行协议以任何方式不违反与不会违反任何所适用法律、法规、任何政府或司法权力机关的决定或侵犯第三方权利。


8.1. iDeals represents and warrants that: / iDeals承诺并保证:

a) during the provision of Services it will use the state of the art technologies and the Services will be provided in accordance with the modern industry standards and that all detected defects will be eliminated in due time; / 在提供服务期间,其将使用先进的技术,而服务将按照现代化的行业标准提供,与及所有侦察到的过失将在适当时候解决;

b) Data Room is reasonably designed for the secure storage and distribution of Client Data; / 数据室合理设计以安全地存储和发布客户数据;

c) it has obtained any and all valid software licenses for any of the software it uses to perform its Services. / 其已获得其为提供服务所使用软件的有效软件许可证。

8.2. iDeals will avoid any corruption or other changes of contents of Client Data, if these are not coordinated with the Client, while processing and uploading the documents to the Data Room. In case such corruption or changes are discovered it shall immediately eliminate them. / 在处理与向数据室上传文件时,iDeals避免未经同客户协调对客户数据内容的歪曲或其他改变,且若发现上述歪曲或改变,立即予以消除。

8.3. iDeals shall not subcontract all or part of the Services, unless prior written agreement is given by the Client, apart from subcontracting data centres hosting facilities and scanning, where appropriate. / 除非客户作出事先的书面同意,否则除外保数据中心寄存服务和扫描(如适用)外,iDeals不得把全部或部分服务外包。


9.1. Ownership of Client Data. iDeals will generate a large number of electronic documents for distribution in the Data Room. As these documents are generated solely from information provided by the Client, Client acknowledges and agrees that iDeals shall not be responsible for the content of the aforesaid documents, their modification, use or publication by any User or any third party (other than iDeals’ employees and subcontractors). iDeals claims no intellectual property rights in the documents whatsoever and, consequently, will release “free from any right” the digital documents on a physical medium at the termination of the Agreement. / 客户数据产权。iDeals将产生大量电子文件在数据室发布。由于这些文件只来自客户所提供的信息,客户承认并同意,iDeals对上述文件的内容、使用者或任何第三方(除iDeals雇员和外包商外)对上述文件的修改、使用或发表不负责。iDeals表明没有任何文件的知识产权,因此將会在协议终止时以实物媒体形式交还「不附带任何权利」的数位文件。

9.2. Ownership of Solution. iDeals owns and shall retain all right, title, and interest in and to the Solution, all technical and operational components thereof, including without limitation all related applications, user interface designs, processes, methods, know-how and other work supports, software and source code, and any and all future enhancements or modifications thereto, and all intellectual property rights therein. iDeals does not grant license or other authorisation of its copyrightable material, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual property to Client or its Users other than as provided in the Agreement. Neither Client nor the Users shall attempt to reverse compile, reverse engineer or disassemble, duplicate, modify, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit any element of the Solution, modify or make derivative works based upon the Solution or use the Solution in any manner incompatible with the terms and conditions of the Agreement. / 解决方案产权。iDeals拥有并保留对解决方案、其全部技术成分和操纵成分、使用者界面设计、流程、方法、窍诀、及其他工作支持、软件与源代码、以及对其任何与全部未来的改善或修改、及与之相关的一切知识产权的全部权利、产权与权益。除协议规定外,iDeals不向客户或使用者提供其受版权保护的资料、商标、服务标记或其他知识产权的许可证或其他授权。客户和使用者不得试图逆向编译、进行逆向工程或分解、复制、修改、发布或以其他方式将解决方案的任何部分予以商业使用,基于解决方案作出修改或衍生作品,或以与协议条款和条件相悖的方式使用解决方案。


10.1. iDeals will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Client, its directors, officers, employees and shareholders from and against any and all claims, demands, disputes, complaints, causes of action, suits, losses and damages (including attorneys’ fees) arising from or relating to any claim that the Solution infringes any intellectual property right of a third party. iDeals shall not be liable in case such claim is based on any modification of the Solution conducted by or on behalf of the Client or any User. / als向客户、其经理、职员、雇员与股东为因第三方关于解决方案侵犯第三方知识产权表示而产生的索取、要求、争议、投诉、诉因、诉讼、损失与损害(包括律师费用)提供赔偿与保护,并维护其免受损害。若上述表示基于由客户、任何使用者或代客户、任何使用者对解决方案作出任何修改,iDeals不承担责任。

10.2. The Client will indemnify, defend and hold harmless iDeals, its directors, officers, employees and shareholders from and against any and all claims, demands, disputes, complaints, causes of action, suits, losses and damages (including attorneys’ fees) arising from or relating to (i) any material breach by the Client of this Agreement, including without limitation any breach of its representations, or (ii) any use of the Client Data by the Client and Users in violation of intellectual property, privacy or other proprietary rights of any third party or in violation of any applicable laws, rules and/or ordinances. / 客户向iDeals、其经理、高级职员、雇员与股东在因(i)客户对本协议的重大违反,包括对声明的任何违反,或(ii)客户或使用者以侵犯任何第三方知识产权、隐私或其他专有权利或违反任何所适用法律、条例和/或法令而产生的或与之相关的索取、要求、争议、投诉、诉因、诉讼、损失与损害(包括律师费用)提供赔偿与保护,并维护其免受损害。

10.3. The party seeking indemnification shall notify the other party promptly, but in any event no later than within 30 (thirty) days of any such action, claim or proceeding and shall cooperate fully with the indemnifying party in the defense of any such claim. The indemnifying party shall have sole control of the defense of any such action and all negotiations for its settlement or compromise, provided that such settlement or compromise shall not interfere with iDeals’ provision of the Services. The indemnified party shall make no admission of liability or settle any claim without the prior written agreement of the indemnifying party. / 寻求赔偿的一方应立即(但不迟于30(三十)日内)向对方通告任何上述诉因、索取或诉讼,并与赔偿方全面配合以保护任何上述寻求。赔偿方单独控制任何上述诉因的保护、与其解决或妥协相关的所有谈判,除非上述解决或妥协影响iDeals提供服务。


11.1.“Confidential Information” means any and all information disclosed by or at the direction of either party to the other in connection with the provision or use of the Services under the Agreement,irrespective of any confidentiality requirement from a disclosing party, presence or absence of the confidentiality label on the information, form of the information, or its content. / “保密信息”指在根据协议提供或使用服务时任何一方披露的或根据任何一方指示披露的任何与全部信息,不考虑披露方是否提出保密要求、信息是否具有保密标记,信息的形式或内容如何。

11.2. Confidential information shall not include any materials or information which the Receiving Party shows: / 在接受者可证明下述情况,信息则不视为保密信息

a) was known to it prior to the information’s disclosure in connection with the provision or use of the Services; / 在服务提供或使用相关的信息披露前,该信息已得知

b) is or becomes generally available to the public through no act or default on the part of the receiving party, its employees and subcontractors; / 该信息未因接受方、其雇员或外包商的行动或过失成为公开

c) was rightfully received from a third party under no contractual, legal or fiduciary obligation to keep such information confidential; / 接受方从第三方获得该信息,且对该信息不承担任何法律保密责任或受信保密责任

d) was independently developed by the receiving party, without the use of any Confidential Information; or / 该信息在不使用任何保密信息的情况下,由接受者独立开发

e) is required to be disclosed pursuant to, or by, any applicable laws, rules, regulatory authority, a court order or other legal process, provided that the Receiving Party shall, promptly upon learning that such disclosure is required, give written notice of such disclosure to the Disclosing Party. / 根据任何所适用法律、条例、主管部门、法院颁令或其他法律程序要求披露,且接受方在得知需要进行上述披露后立即向披露方发出书面通告

11.3. Both parties undertake to use reasonable measures to safeguard the Confidential Information of the other party. Neither party will at any time without the prior written consent of the other party publish, disseminate, duplicate or use, directly or indirectly, Confidential Information of the other party for any purpose other than to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement. Neither party will disclose, in whole or in part, the other party’s Confidential Information to any person, except to Users, employees or subcontractors who require such access to fulfill the purposes of the Agreement (the “Authorised Purpose”). Either Party will ensure that its employees and subcontractors are under obligations of confidentiality which are no less onerous than those contained in this Agreement including, but not limited to, the use of the Confidential Information for the Authorised Purpose only. / 双方承诺采取合理措施以保护对方的保密信息。未经对方书面同意,任何一方在任何时候不得直接或间接发表、传播、复制或使用对方的保密信息,除以履行其本协议项下的责任为目的。任何一方不得向任何人披露全部或部分对方的保密信息,除为实现协议目标需要获得上述信息(“授权目标”)的使用者、雇员或外包方。双方均确保其雇员和外包方承担不低于本协议规定的保密责任,包括但不仅限于为授权目标使用保密信息

11.4. The obligations undertaken by the Parties in compliance with this Article shall survive any expiration or termination of the Agreement. / 双方根据本条款承担的责任在协议失效或终止后仍然有效

iDeals undertakes to hold all of the Confidential information of the Client in strict confidence during the term of the Agreement and 5 years after its termination. / iDeals承诺在协议生效期间与失效后五年内严格维持客户保密信息的保密性


12.1. iDeals shall not be liable in respect for any damages, losses or expenses where the same are caused by the acts or omissions of the Client or Users, including any failure by the same to observe iDeals’ rules or directions as to the use of the Data Room or any other failure to observe their obligations under this Agreement. / iDeals无须就客户或使用者的作为或不作为所招致的任何损害、损失或开支负责,包括上述人士未有遵守iDeals在使用数据室的任何规则或指示,或未有遵守其于本协议下应尽责任的任何其他行为

12.2 iDeals shall not be liable for any costs, charges and claims incurred due to the Client’s failure to close a Data Room(s) as indicated in clause 6.3 of this Agreement at the end of its Project and the Services charges as per Sections 1 and 2 of Delivery Order (if applicable) will apply as long as the Data Room(s) of the Client remains active (even after termination of the Client’s Project(s)) and the Client shall be liable for such cost and charges. / 对于因客户未能在项目结束时关闭本协议第6.3条所述的数据室而产生的任何费用,收费和索赔,以及根据1节和2节的服务收费,iDeals概不负责 只要客户的数据室仍然有效(即使在客户的项目终止后),交付订单(如适用)将适用,客户应对此类费用和费用负责。

12.3. The Client will either retain a complete set of documents delivered to iDeals or hold iDeals harmless for any loss or damage incurred to documents during shipment, storage or use, unless such loss or damage occurred as a result of iDeals’ negligence or willful misconduct. / 客户要么保留向iDeals提供的全套文件,要么保护iDeals免受因为文件运输、存放或使用而产生的损失和损害,除非上述损失和损害由于iDeals疏忽或故意不当行为引起。

12.4. While iDeals shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Data Room is open for access by Users at all times, the parties acknowledge that given the nature of the Internet and the technology involved iDeals is not responsible for any delays, disruptions or other faults in the Services caused by factors beyond its reasonable control, including problems with the public internet or the Client’s computer systems, the acts and omissions of third parties (such as Internet providers, Client’s mail service providers, Internet browser producers etc.). / 虽然iDeals将尽其一切合理努力确保数据室时刻开放給使用者登入,但双方承认,鉴于互联网的性质和所涉及的技术, iDeals不为由以合理方式不可控制的因素包括公共网络问题、客户电脑系统、第三者(诸如互联网提供者客户的邮件服务提供者、互联网浏览器制作者等)的行为与遗漏所引起的服务延误、中断或其他故障负责

12.5. iDeals shall not be liable to the Client and/or to any third parties for any loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of data, loss of contract and for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages even if iDeals has been advised of the possibility of such damages arising from the use of the Solution or third party software integrated with the Solution, and in no event will the entire liability of iDeals under this Agreement exceed, in the aggregate, the total amount of fees paid or becoming due under the Agreement in the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the event giving rise to such liability. / iDeals不向客户或任何第三方的任何利润损失、收入损失、经营损失、数据损失、合同损失,或任何间接、附带、果性、特殊或惩罚性损害承担责任,即使iDeals事先被警告会产生上述损失;在任何情况下,iDeals根据本协议的责任总额合计,不得高于在引起上述责任事件发生前的十二(12)个月内根据本协议支付的或成为应付的费用总额

These limitations apply regardless of the basis on which iDeals’ liability arises, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), in equity, under statute or on any other basis. / 上述限制的适用,不考虑到iDeals责任产生原因,无论是依协议、侵权(包括疏忽) 、衡平法、法律或其他原因。

12.6. No action, regardless of form, arising out of or related to the Agreement may be brought by the Client more than twelve (12) months after the cause of action first arose. This section 12 shall survive termination or expiration of the Agreement. / 在诉因产生十二(12)个月后,客户不得提出由本协议产生的或与之相关的诉讼,无论诉讼形式如何。本第12条在协议终止或失效后仍然有效。


13.1. The Agreement shall come into effect on the Effective Date as mentioned in Delivery Order and continue in effect until terminated in accordance with subscetion 13.2 of this Agreement or by delivery of written notice of termination by the Client in accordance with section 6.3 of this Agreement. / 本协议将在交付订单中提及的生效日期生效,并继续有效,直至根据本协议的第13.2条终止或客户根据本协议第6.3条发出书面终止通知。

This Agreement may be terminated: / 本协议可能会被终止:

a) by Client, upon written notice with immediate effect for any or no reason; in this case the base fee or the extension fee for the current follow-on period is not refundable to the Client. / 由客户提出书面通知后立即生效,无论是否有任何理由; 在这种情况下,当前后续期间的订阅费或延期费不向客户退还。

b) by iDeals, upon written notice with immediate effect if the Client breaches any material obligation under the Agreement (including but not limited to payment obligations) and fails to remedy such breach within 15 (fifteen) calendar days; / 由iDeals发出书面通知后立即生效,如果客户违反协议下的任何重大义务(包括但不限于付款义务),并且在15(十五)个日历日内未能补救此类违约;

c) in compliance with a court decision – on the day the decision will become final, unless otherwise is provided for by such decision; or / 根据法院判决——于判决生效之日,除非上述判决中另有规定

d) by either Party, upon 3 (three) business days’ written notice if the other Party becomes insolvent or the subject of a petition in bankruptcy which is not withdrawn or dismissed within 60 days thereafter. / 由任何一方发送书面通知后3(三)个营业日后,若对方无力偿债或成为在随后60日内未撤回或驳回的破产申请的对象。

13.2. Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement: / 在本协议终止或失效时

a) iDeals terminates access of the Client and its End Users to the Data Room; / 服务提供者终止客户与终端使用者对数据室的登入

b) after payment in full for the Services performed up to and including the date of termination, iDeals upon the Client’s written request will return all materials contained in the Data Room to the Client on a USB flash drive (extra charge); / 在为截止终止日包括终止日在内的所提供的服务全部付款后,iDeals将数据室所载全部资料以USB内存驱动器归还给客户(额外收费)

c) iDeals will delete all the Client Data from its hosting system on the written request made by the Client/Deal Manager; / 根据客户/交易经理书面要求,iDeals将全部客户数据从其寄存系统删除

d) all remaining copies of any Confidential information of one party then in the possession of the other party shall, at the direction of such party, be destroyed or returned to the disclosing party; and / 任何一方拥有的对方保密信息的剩下复本,根据对方的指示,应毁掉或向披露方归还;

e) all rights and obligations pursuant to Sections 9 (Ownership); 10 (Indemnification); 11 (Confidentiality); 12 (Limitation of Liability); 13(2) (Rights and Obligations on Termination); and 14 (Miscellaneous) will survive termination of the Agreement. / 根据第9节(产权)的所有权利和义务; 10(赔偿); 11(保密性); 12(责任限制); 13(2)(终止的权利和义务); 和14(附则)将在协议终止后继续有效

13.3. The Client may request iDeals to restore its Data Room within three years after the Agreement expired or terminated. Such renewal shall be initiated by the Client with written request to iDeals and shall be effected by means of execution of an addendum hereto. In case of the Data Room restoration the Client will be charged a fee in accordance with the rates indicated in the Delivery Order. iDeals reserves the right to amend financial terms of Agreement as of the date of the Agreement renewal. The remaining terms and conditions of the Agreement will remain the same unless otherwise agreed between the Parties hereto. / 客户可以在协议到期或终止后三年内要求iDeals恢复其数据室。 此类续展应由客户以书面形式向iDeals提出,并应通过执行本协议的附录进行。 如果数据室恢复,客户将按照交付订单中指示的费率收取费用。 iDeals保留自协议续签之日起修改协议财务条款的权利。 除非双方另有协议,否则本协议的其余条款和条件将保持不变。


14.1. Applicable law and disputes. This Agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by Hong Kong International Arbitration. / 适用法律与争议。本协议受香港法律管辖并按香港法律制订。因本协议产生的或与之相关的任何争议,包括本协议存在、效力与终止任何事项,提交香港国际仲裁中心最终解决

In the event a dispute arises under this Agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by it in connection with such dispute (including, without limitation, all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred before and at any trial, arbitration or other proceeding), as well as all other relief granted in any suit or other proceeding. / 如果根据本协议产生争议,胜诉方将有权获得与此类争议相关的所有合理费用和开支(包括但不限于所有合理的律师费和在任何审判之前和之后发生的费用,仲裁 或其他程序),以及任何诉讼或其他程序中给予的所有其他救济。

14.2. Force majeure. Neither Party shall be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of its respective obligations in relation to this Agreement, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, explosions, floods, fire or accident, war or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, sabotage, civil disturbance, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority, import or export regulations or embargoes or industrial actions or trade disputes (whether involving employees of either Party). / 不可抗力。如订约方延迟履行或未有履行其各自与本协议有关的任何责任,而有关责任的延迟或不履行是由于其合理控制范围以外任何因素所致,包括但不限于天灾、爆炸、水灾、火灾或意外事故、战争或战争的威胁、恐怖活动或恐怖活动的威胁、蓄意破坏、民乱、任何政府、议事机关或地方机关推行任何类型的禁制或措施、进出口条例或禁止、工业行动或工会争议(不论牵涉任何一方的雇员与否),则订约方一概不得基于上述原因而被视为违反本协议

14.3. Assignment. Neither party to this Agreement may assign or delegate any part of this Agreement without prior notice to and the express written consent of the other, however, iDeals shall have the right to assign any part of this Agreement to either of its affiliated companies without prior notice or consent of the Client. / 协议。未经事先通知对方并得到对方明确同意,本协议任何一方不得将本协议任何一部分转让或转交,而对方不得无理不予同意

14.4. Modification of Agreement. No subsequent document or modification of Agreement, whatever form this takes, will come into effect between the parties without assuming the form of written instrument duly dated and signed by the parties. / 协议修改。在没有使用已妥为注明日期和经由双方签署的书面文件的式样下,双方所订立的协议后续文件或修订文件(不论采用的式样如何)将不会生效。

14.5. Severability. If any one of the stipulations of this Agreement were proven null and void in the eyes of a current rule of law or a legal decision that has become final, such stipulation shall be severed from this Agreement, without however leading to the nullity of the Agreement or altering the validity of its other provisions. / 分离。 如本合同的任何一项约定根据当时的现行法律规定或已成为最终的法律决定被证实为无效,则该项约定须从本合同分离,而不会致令合同变得无效或更改合同其他条文的有效性

14.6. Listing and communication. The Client authorises iDeals to mention Client as a customer, to use its trade name, trademarks, service marks or images (graphic symbol/logo) and/or to publish customer feedback of its representatives on iDeals’ products and services in iDeals’ marketing, promotional or advertising materials and on iDeals’ website. / 编目和传达消息。客户授权iDeals在其营销、宣传或者广告资料或/而在iDeals网站中提及客户作为其顾客,利用它的商品名、品牌、服务标记或图片(图形符号/商标)或/而公布客户代表对iDeals商品或者服务的反馈。

iDeals may communicate about the Project once it has been made public, with any statement made being subject to the prior approval of the Client. / 项目已经公开,在客户事先批准的情况下,iDeals可传达有关本项目的任何声明