Tesla’s Electric Car Review

Tesla's Electric Car Review

Tesla’s in a class all by itself and that’s no quirky sales pitch either… it’s the truth as I and a few others see it. The Model S is thought to be an exciting roadster that is by far the safest vehicle on the highways today. What makes it exciting? Well, for starters, its performance is unmatched, mainly because of its power, speed and its superior Autopilot and safety features.

Why the Model S is so hot!

The Model S is an electric automobile that has some superior qualities. Let’s take a look:

The Model S goes from park to 60 miles per hour in an incredible two and a half seconds. This remarkable vehicle exceeds being your average car by making the driving experience the safest and one that is less stressful overall.

The Autopilot behind the Model S redefines the way we drive in that it can perform proper lane change simply by tapping the turn signal. The cruise control adjusts to meet the traffic flow. The Model S Autopilot scans the parking lot for a place to park and will parallel park the car perfectly for you! How awesome is that?

If you are impressed with that auto feature, you’ll fall out your chair knowing that you can send for your Model S using your smartphone. Yes… that’s right. This amazing vehicle will pick you up at your doorsteps when you’re ready to step out.

The filtration system in the Model S is definitely a plus. It cleans the air you breathe inside your car. It filters all of the bacteria and allergens that are present before it gets to you so that you and your loved ones are protected.

Here’s how another safety feature increases this car’s credibility. The LED headlamps enhance safety by using an adaptable, three-position turn signal lighting. This improves visibility, especially during the night hours and on dangerous, curvy roads.

Software updates are frequent and it’s automatic so, there’s nothing to remember when it comes to keeping current and running the risk of malfunctioning.

With this being said, there are at least a few people who are crazy over their vehicles. Some drivers suggest that once you ride in a Model S, you simply won’t go back to the average vehicle. These people have taken their cars on the road and share their experiences for others to read:

The extended road trip

One couple shares their “Sustainable Energy Journey” from Victoria BC to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. This couple found the cruise control to be an invaluable tool that they used over half the time spent traveling, allowing for a relaxed driving experience.

They were also ecstatic about driving the car to the US and the route they took as all points lead to a place to recharge while being strategically close to entertainment sites such as restaurants, malls and parks. Tesla Motors is proud to offer such a Supercharger system and invite others to adopt their plan.

Many drivers and Model S owners confess that it’s the best car they’ve had the pleasure of steering, including some luxury vehicles. It’s the innovation that impresses them, but it’s the performance that actually sells them on the Model S. Switzerland named Model S the best-selling luxury car in 2015.

One couple’s investment

It all started out innocently enough when a couple decided to test drive a P85 (Model S) a year ago. They were about to welcome a new addition to their family and making a large purchase wasn’t in their plans, until they test drove their first electric car.

When the new parents decided on a permanent residence, they sought to own a car that was safe, fuel efficient, comfortable and reliable, but a lot of fun. However, the affordability of the car was also a big concern. They found the answer to having it all was in the Tesla P85.

The couple says that making the decision to sell their Prius and Hummer H2 for a Model S was perhaps the wisest investment they will ever make. It changed the way they looked at commuting by reducing the cost to drive hundreds of miles each week to work drastically.


In lieu of all of its assets, it’s easy to see why the Model S should be a super model for future green automobiles. The features that make the Model S an award winning vehicle are easy to spot. It’s powerful, dependable and is independent. The positive characteristics are even easier to see once you drive it for yourself. However, when you drive it, be prepared to buy one! You won’t want to leave it behind.

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