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Who Knows what Consumers Want

Often, the trick to being a successful entrepreneur is understanding what consumers want and successfully meeting their needs. But how do you get into the mind of your potential consumer ...

5 Apps That Make Your Foodie-Self Smile

In recent years, mobile apps have changed the way most of us live our lives in a myriad of ways and the scope of their usefulness continues to expand with every week that passes. Deal ...

New Apps that Will Seriously Simplify Your Travel

Apps are the lightest item that you can pack in your suitcase that will make the biggest differences. We all know about established holiday apps such as Airbnb and SkyScanner. But in a way ...

The Best 5 Ways to Become an Investment Banker

Not many careers can offer the flexibility and opportunities of investment banking. The top investment banks (e.g. J.P. Morgan; Goldman Sachs; The Blackstone Group) play an enormous role in ...

How to Execute A Proper Green Marketing Campaign

Online networking permits organizations to advertise green campaign ideas publicly and efficiently. New technologies. such as social media or virtual data rooms can be used as an instrument ...

Time Acquired MySpace

In its latest quarterly earnings report, Time Inc. announced that it had acquired Viant, a company that is not only profitable but also includes a large ad tech wing, for an undisclosed ...

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