R&D, Not Wind Farms, Will Solve Energy Problems


If you have been thinking or even living outside the box for the last 20 years or so, you know that research and development (or R&D), or plain science – not wind farms – will solve energy problems. Renewable energy engineering would have an extreme amount of possibilities in the US future if only there was a profound solution to the consequences of utilizing grid power. With all of the modern technologies wouldn’t solving the matter be a breeze? Apparently not.

The key is to lessen the likelihood of power disturbances. With that being said, the John Hopkins University and the inquisitive researchers from North Carolina State University completed a study. They found that by increasing wind power usage, it forces the power grid in a vulnerable state and makes it susceptible to disruptions. Thank goodness the eager investigators didn’t just spot the problem – they came up with a duct tape plan to join wind power reproduction and energy retention together.

Under normal circumstances, the power that flows through the transmission lines results in the suffering of a power grid caused by the midget “oscillations,” or vibrations, after an interruption has occurred. Fortunately, these vibrations or oscillations are eased by specific controllers found inside the power generators.

However, if the controls are not up to strength, the oscillations may be “sustained.” What this does is that it will reduce the effectiveness of the power being transferred. To some, that may not sound like a big deal but to those who tackles R&D energy problems, this can pose a danger to the stability of the control grid. If not handled precisely, these humongous fans can one of these days cause a gigantic power outage. If you remember such an incident did happen in ’96 on the West Coast.

Is it greener on the other side?

When you first think of “green” energy, you picture something that is pure and sublime, but never wind farms that are offshore. Some believe this to be a disaster waiting to happen. Such as the case, the Nantucket Sound, the Nantucket Lightship and the Georges Banks (where the country’s supply of fish comes from) would suffer destruction.

That would only piss off another group of individuals and we can come with other solutions… better solutions than that to provide dependable and clean diapers to the country. It’s time to find a solution. When we thoroughly consider R&D energy problems, we need to address the future of proposed alternatives as well.

Nonetheless, significant progress has been the theme for developing strategies for wind energy to bring it full scale. Cost reductions are still possible through marketing and research and development. More publications are released and examined by non-polluting, green aliens on a daily basis. But even they know there are problems associated with wind farms.

The problems with wind farms are the topic of small talk on an international level. For one, tax payers are slapped with paying higher rates for electricity and two, they pay higher taxes. Wow! Who does that? Bill Gates is not moved by the whole idea either. He went public about his thoughts on wind and solar energy.

Bill Gates on renewable energy

Bill Gates calls renewable energy a “fad.” He continues to say that “renewable energy can’t do the job.” His interview with the Financial Times says it all.

Bill Gates dismisses Solar And Wind Energy, “Can’t Do The Job” … Costs “Beyond Astronomical”!

As for a possible solution for energy with low CO2 emissions, Gates thinks the answer lies in technology innovation. The Register writes: In Bill Gates’ view, the answer is for governments to divert the massive sums of money which are currently funneled to renewables to R&D owners instead.

If you trust Bill Gates, you may accept his stand on nuclear power. Gates is convinced that nuclear power is the solution. He also says that profits from coal and oil companies won’t make a commotion worth sounding the horn about, but one thing is for sure. Wind and solar energy won’t solve the symptomatic problems of grid energy – more research and development will.

The challenges of grid connections

Hundreds of hours are wasted installing wind farms mainly due to the ever changing concepts and inferior grid lines. By the time a territory such as China would install the assemblage of enormous fans, it would be time for an organic upgrade. Sometimes leaving unused wind turbines out to dry. China authorities report that less than half of its generated electricity is being used, wasting billions of kilowatt power hours. Because of this extraterrestrial behavior, China lost $793 million dollars in revenue in 2011.

R&D – not wind farms – will solve energy problems. It’s just that simple. Intelligence is what we need to breakthrough barriers and make these sustainable principalities live up to standards. Wind turbines alone simply cannot compete with R&D.

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