Product updates: H2 2022

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Product updates: H2 2022

By iDeals
January 4, 2023
1 min read
Product updates: H2 2022

Refined registration and sign-in flows

We have built a new, upgraded authentication system to keep up with the best industry standards and strengthen security.

The first interaction with our product – account registration – is now simplified and even more intuitive. To provide the best user experience, we have introduced a new design and improved flow with the ability to skip optional settings to get even quicker access to the data room.

We’ve also introduced a flexible sign-in flow with the possibility to choose how to sign in: via email and password or using your company’s single sign-on by only entering your corporate email.

Improvements to new Q&A

Following the introduction of our upgraded Q&A section, we keep developing and enhancing its functionality to match our clients’ needs. With new additions, you can:

  • Decide whether to show or hide sensitive data in the email notifications. Such as question subject, author, priority, category, message text, and list of attachments.
  • Import multiple questions from Excel by the question side.
  • Track how many questions are left within the team’s limit when creating new questions.

All these changes are followed by various amendments to the user interface for a more user-friendly appearance.

Tracking billing details and payments

As a part of expanding corporate account capabilities, we have introduced a new Billing tab. Account administrators can now review the information about their contracts with iDeals, track all paid and pending invoices, and pay or download them.

Document conversion improvements

We are constantly working on improving the work with files in the data room. In the past months, we have implemented the following:

  • New conversion mechanism of DWG, HTML, and images for secure online viewing. 
  • Improved speed of video processing to view in the data room. 
  • Fast and enhanced text recognition for a more precise search through document content.

Start using iDeals Virtual Data Room today and explore all of its capabilities.