5 Best Medical Biotech Startups

best biotech startups

The medical biotech sector is humming with liveliness, attempting to bring humankind medical cures and treatments at a lower cost – and that’s what a virtual data room is for! Many biotech startups use data rooms for licensing their products or clinical trials. Because of the recent flock of biotech companies, there’s much encouragement. The industry’s power to move advanced solutions keeps investors drawn to company scuttlebutt. For many capitalists, biotech medical startups are attractive and are potentially lucrative stock, which are graded by TheStreet Ratings Report (23 March 2016).

Numerous ground-breakers place emphasis on the complexity and strength of a specific cure or treatment. With this in mind, a company that performs positively should grow and yield a healthy net income, but we can’t be sure, of course. If we were to always make 100% accurate predictions, we’d be in another business, however, we’re not. Based on what we found, we have listed a few of the best medical biotech startups here.

AbbVie Inc (ABBV)

With only three years under the microscope, AbbVie has become a major bio-pharmaceutical company. Realizing that some diseases such as cancer and HIV are difficult to treat, they take the approach of a committed healthcare system. They labor to bring mastery and empathy to each phase of a patient’s journey. When it comes to circulating subject matter about their clinical trials and earned revenue, AbbVie provides accurate and timely stock and dividend information. Revenues in 2015 elevated to an astonishing $22.8 billion with adjusted earnings (per share) of 29% or more.

Emergent BioSolutions

Emergent is a worldwide pharmaceutical company that wants “to protect and enhance life.” They offer specific resources and channels to healthcare providers that meet with current and chronic health threats. Since they have acquired a hefty portfolio over the last three years, they have at least doubled their revenue to the amazing sum of $520 million.


AMGN or Amgen Inc., seeks to develop, manufacture and deliver therapeutics at a global level. Their focus is centered around cardiovascular problems, bone deficiencies, neuroscience, inflammation, oncology/hematology and nephrology. The company was ranked 3rd in the biotech sector and number 7 within the pharmaceutical sector with Fast Company 2016: 50 Most Innovative Companies and Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies respectively.

BioSpecifics Technologies

BioSpecifics Technologies Corp (BSTC) is a profitable bio-pharmaceutical company. They are known for developing an office-based treatment for a ‘hand disease’, medically known as – injectable collagenase clostridium histolyticum for Peyronie’s disease and Dupuytren’s contracture around the US. This is with the help of their partner, Endo International. The stock traded upwards to 3.5 percent as of Monday, March 27, 2016. BSTC received $31.32 per share in the latest trading session and it’s moving rapidly, approaching a “near-term breakout trade” making BSTC one of the best biotech startups this year.

United Therapeutics Corp

This biotech company addresses the medical needs of those suffering from life-threatening diseases and chronic illnesses across the US. Their ability to deliver advanced technologies worldwide strengthens their product’s pipeline. Because of their therapeutic advances, United Therapeutics Corporation earned a fourth-quarter financial report of $405 million in 2015. According to Roger Jeffs, president of United Therapeutics, the numbers represent a 17 percent increase with an annual revenue of approximately $1.5 billion.

Well, there you have it… the top 5 best medical biotech startups. Without a doubt these companies are growing up and get extensive revenue. They are merging ahead as they provide much needed treatment to patients around the world. If the investor has the financial backing to endure the ups and downs, there stands to be a substantial outcome.

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