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Daniel Mather

Daniel has been covering corporate finance and geoeconomic news since 2006. He is particularly interested in following the fortunes of innovative startup companies and in the myriad ways in which technology is being used to drive enterprise development worldwide.

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Why We Shouldn’t Forget about Fencing

In a world where there is no shortage of adrenaline-infused, action-packed sports and pleasant outdoor pursuits or all kinds, you might be tempted to ask the question – who needs fencing? ...

Why You Should Invest in Using Smart Data

The emergence of smart data as a big deal for businesses in recent years has been remarkable. The scale of data being generated is now growing at an incredible pace and estimated to double ...

Top 10 Agricultural Biotech Startups

The agriculture industry in the US and around the world is worth many billions of dollars a year and there is always a steady stream of biotech startups looking to solve its problems and ...

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