Aston Martin – A Stirring Proposition

Aston Martin - A Stirring Proposition

There is one engine that sounds so sweet, so memorable, it easily stands apart from the rest. A distinctive, authoritative burble so pure and melodious, it beckons anyone within earshot to turn and take a look.And then there are the looks—the right curves in all the right places. Subdued, but sexy. Leather, wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Gorgeous, classic design, and yet thoroughly modern from stem to stern. It can only be one marque – Aston Martin.

Founded in Britain by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford as a luxury sport and grand touring car company in 1913, Aston Martin has enjoyed a long and successful history of high performance luxury and racing success. From hill climbs in the early days to grand prix and endurance racing, performance and excitement have been a part of the brand since the first day.

Perhaps, thanks to its British roots, Aston Martin has also earned a reputation of being a highly distinctive sports car for well-to-do drivers with good taste. So it was not a surprise when in 1964, art imitated life and the Aston Martin DB5 appeared alongside Britain’s single most spy movie Goldfinger. And from there, the rest was history.

Aston-Martin-DB5A classic Aston Martin DB in the Highlands

When it comes to modern luxury sports cars, the number of options is not small. They’re all beautiful, fastidiously engineered, and incredibly fast. So in this sea of fierce competition, how has Aston Martin continued to feel so special over the years and stand apart from the rest?

In a word: Confidence.

Speaking on the topic of competing for headline-grabbing performance figures, former Aston Martin CEO, Ulrich Bez exemplifies his company’s cool confidence: “We do not care if the car takes three-point-something seconds from zero to 100, or if the maximum speed is 200 or 205 MPH.”

Rather than claiming to be the fastest car or the most expensive, Aston Martin has chosen instead to focus on crafting a passionate, visceral driving experience that makes drivers look good while they enjoy it.

So for those looking to join an exclusive club of gentleman drivers who make looking good and going fast part of their daily routine, Aston Martin might be a great place to start. But with four distinct models currently available to choose from, and numerous sub-models and vintage options, where does one start?

If the choice between V8 or V12, two doors or four (yes, the Rapide S seats four) isn’t exciting enough, then maybe the car you’re really after is the 1-of-1, hyper-limited edition Aston Martin DB10; the Bond-film hero car featured in the most recent installment of the series, Spectre.

An Aston Martin DB10, one of just ten in the world, is being installed at ODEON Leicester Square, as the cinema chain – Europe’s largest – continues its countdown to the arrival of new James Bond film SPECTRE on October 26th.Aston Martin DB10 at the premier of Spectre

The DB10 was specially commissioned by Bond producers for the film, and exactly 10 examples were built exclusively for that purpose. Of those 10 cars, only one was preserved for a Bond-themed charity auction happening on February 18th at Christie’s in London to benefit Doctors Without Borders and other charities.

It’s an exclusive and desirable car for sure, but there’s a catch: even though the 4.7 liter V8 under the hood will propel the driver to 190 MPH with ease, the Aston Martin DB10 is unfortunately not road-legal, and does not come with a warranty.

But with an estimated hammer price of £1,000,000–1,500,000 ($1,446,150–2,169,225 USD), the future owner of a car this rare is likely planning on keeping it well clear of public roads anyway.

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