5 Apps That Make Your Foodie-Self Smile


In recent years, mobile apps have changed the way most of us live our lives in a myriad of ways and the scope of their usefulness continues to expand with every week that passes.

Deal Making Wire decided to have a look at just some of the great food apps that have been having an impact of late, and which have emerged to become hugely popular tools for foodies the world over.


The Spooner app allows users to quickly dip into information on restaurants in their vicinity and find places whose very best dishes are not to be missed. Rather than explain in-depth what a diner might expect from a specific establishment, Spooner is designed simply to help food lovers find precisely the kind of food they’re after and make reservations in just a few moments. The app also incorporates takeaway options where relevant and has a variety of social media elements that help ensure that word gets around about truly outstanding dishes in specific locations.


Deliveroo and its mobile apps are shaking up the way that people in a growing number of countries and cities around the world enjoy restaurant quality food in the comfort of their own homes. The platform lists famous local eateries and links users to high calibre restaurants, allowing them to place orders and have great food delivered directly to their doors in a matter of minutes.


Having already been around for well over a decade, OpenTable is now established as a quality mobile app that helps foodies find and book their next great meal at a restaurant in their vicinity. The app and the company behind it benefit from having acquired a string of start-ups offering inter-related services to create what is now one of the most robust and comprehensive app-based services of its kind. With a focus on presenting pertinent restaurant-related information in easily digestible forms, the latest OpenTable app is packed full of photos, menus and reviews that help food lovers keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on with high quality cuisine in their town.


For anyone who loves not just to eat great food but to try their hand at making it too, Foodgawker might just be the best app around. The iOS app really is a feast for the eyes and a fantastic mobile mechanism for visually searching through some truly compelling images of amazing meals, as well as lots of ideas on recipes, ingredients and helpful food-making techniques. Best way to describe it is –  best Instagram food images come alive!

Find. Eat. Drink. (FED)

There are dozens of apps that can present you with the views of ordinary folks who love or don’t love a particular restaurant or bar. But Find. Eat. Drink (FED) brings together the views of people who really are in the know, including top chefs, bartenders, food industry artisans and sommeliers (or simply wine waters). All of which is delivered via the FED mobile app in a way that helps users get a great sense of where the really great places to eat and drink are in some of the world’s most wonderful dinning destinations.

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